I am all over the place with Art Journaling. Or not at all, I’m not sure. I am not really working consistently in the different books I have going at the moment, so I should concentrate on just one or two I guess…

Collage Time ep 2: Creating a new traveler's notebook Art Journal for collage

Maybe I need to finish those ongoing art journals or simply be more concentrated by working in just one at a time, like I used to do when I first started art journaling. But instead of writing about my struggles with being consistent and the sometimes confusing maintenance of living an artistic life, I’m doing the opposite. I’m starting in a new notebook! Because, heh, it’s fun.

I always feel invigorated and happy when I get to christen the white pages (or cover) of a blank notebook with my art. In this one, I’m going for “all over the page with colorful collages.” Here is how it all got started:

Collage Time Video: A New Art Journal

I made another episode of “Collage Time”, the first one was about my book notes notebook cover, this one is about the new little journal that I (kind of) “created”:

Collage Time Video Episode 2. If you can’t see the video above click here to watch it on YouTube. Please give it a thumbs up and write a comment over there too, because it helps get the video seen by more people. :-)

In the video I show how I make the traveler’s notebook regular size book, create the collaged cover and start using the Art Journal. I love how the cover came out, which is a sign I might keep working in this notebook… I’m also really loving TN’s and how portable and neat this system is (with the TN cover). Have you made an art journal in this small and narrow size yet? If not, I hope you’ll give it a try.

Art Journal Collage Cover by iHanna

BTW, if you want to know more about TN’s read my ultimate TN guide here. The size of this notebook is 11 x 21 centimeters (4,3 x 8,2 inches).

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I will contact all participants after the last day to sign up, which is 26th of May. Before that no need to worry about me not contacting you. Just sayin. :-)