Watercolor painting exercise – meditative, relaxing and fun

Doodle and paint along with me in this fun beginner friendly watercolor exercise. It is one that you can do over and over again and use to fill an entire journal or sketchbook.

I love doing this and hope you will too!

I start with a doodle that I later on color in. My doodle is a mix of squiggles, lines and representative icons or images, like a cloud, hearts flower, sun, house or other objects from nature. All intertwined into a doodle that covers the entire page, like a coloring book illustration.

How it comes out depends on how you’re feeling and what you want to draw at the moment you sit down to do it, I think. So it’s very exciting every time you try it.

To get started you will need a pencil to doodle with, a watercolor paper and your set of watercolors to color in your doodles at the end.

If you don’t own any watercolors you could do this excersise and color it in using markers, colored pencils or paint pens too, but I find it relaxing and meditative to dip the brush in water and mix colors as I go. To use watercolors you need to slow down, wait for your neighbouring area to dry before you continue, to breath slowly and take your time.

And watercolors is a wonderful, beautiful thing to play with as well, so I hope you’ll give it a try.

Video: Paint along with me

I’ll demonstrate it all and show you the entire process in this video, so sit back and take a look:

Watercolor doodle Idea video – a beginner friendly paint along that is quite meditative and relaxing.

It is not complex at all, but I included my whole process because I wanted you to be able to see how I did it all. I hope it was helpful or relaxing to watch.

If you want to share your own page with me, please post to Instagram and tag me (I am @ihannas on instagram) and feel free to use the hashtag #inspiredbyiHanna as well, it might be fun to see what we can come up with together.

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If you want to do more watercoloring check out my video Journal with me: Metallic Watercolor Swatching or my previous tutorial for creating a Calming Scalloped Pattern – Paint along with me.

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