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YAY! My first journal video is edited, uploaded and ready to inspire you to make your own Travel Journal. Or Stay at Home Journal. Or Art Journal. Or… I hope it inspires you. I had so much fun making this journal, this video and the posts about it. :-)

Travel Journal by iHanna

Here is my personal take on one of those “journal flip through” videos that I’ve enjoyed so many of on youtube.

If you can’t see it above, click here.

I have been meaning to share this journal with you since I finished it, but time flies… And I have tried to do all the editing in Premiere Pro and oh my gosh, what a complex program this is. Not at all like little simple Microsoft Movie Maker that I’ve used before! In Premiere there are so many options and possibilities, but I have most of them yet to explore. This time I’ve just played some with titles, added music and found the correct way to export the video so I could upload it to youtube!

Many of the flip videos I’ve been inspired by are of journals infused with ephemera and sewn pages (like the Remains of the day journals). Others are showing cool Art journals flip through videos (note: they are not all made with a flip camera, they are flip through of journals! I wish I had a flip camera, they look cool). My video is shoot with the build in laptop camera this time, as a test.

What I have noticed with many of the flip videos on youtube is that the books are empty. People show them when they are fresh and new, but not written in yet. So that is why I did my flip through video after the trip. Writing in it was a joyful experiment. I am happy to report that this kind of journal works for me!

Isn’t the music in my video great? I love it! Others might find it unusual and annoying, hehe, but you can always mute it while watching… I found it when searching for some Arabic tunes. I think this belly dance song is the perfect fit for my Egypt travel journal!

Details from the inside:

Everything flat can be ephemera for the travel journal. You have seen most of my favorite bits in the video already, but here are some photos too!

Free Tourist stuff
On the buss to the hotel from the air port I got this stack of tourist papers that I used to embellish my Travel journal. I cut out both images and some information about the sights around the place, then through away the rest.

A few business cards
In the t-shirt shop and the spice boutique I got a few business cards that has both Arabic and English writing on them. I taped them in so that you can flip them up and read both sides.

Beer label from Egypt
Favorite beer in Egypt: Sakara. Yum. I like when you can peel the label without putting it in water first.

Transparent label
Many of the pages are made with envelopes that has those transparent windows. Here I saved the information label from the snorkel I bought.

Bought postcard
I bought several postcards that I used in my Travel Journal.

Lace and dromedary
I like camels, and dromedary too. Everyone says “camels” even though they only have one puck and really are not that. They are magnificent though! So ancient and huge, I kept thinking about Luke Skywalker in the desert when I was riding on mine…

Swedish matches
What does a Swedish girl visiting Egypt do when she finds a box of Swedish matches that has Arabic writing on the street?
Answer: she picks it up and sticks it in her Travel Journal! I like this little gem better than any of the ugly statues that the other tourists bought as souvenirs!

Bast the Cat
At the huge papyrus shop I bought a few bookmarks. I gave away some as gifts, this one is taped to the inside cover of my journal, it’s of Bast the Cat.

Pyramid Yarn label
Appropriate for the location and found in my ephemera box before I left; a pyramid Yarn label. I think it is so fun in this context!

Book quote noted
I wrote down quotes from the book I was reading, this one is about intelligence.

The Lords Prayer
The Lords Prayer in Arabic. It is a golden sticker that I once bought at a flea market here in Sweden.

Travel label I made
I made my own Travel Labels on sticker paper on the computer. I used a few hieroglyphs from the ancient Egypt alphabet to decorate them, then added them here and there inside the journal as I went along.

From my blog
Also used fun images from children’s books and my brothers old activity book, plus some printed texts from previous Travel Journal posts here on the blog.

Thanks for watching! And do remember what dear old St. Augustine said:

    The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

26 Responses

  1. Funny and interesting!
    You made a good job, both with the journal and the video!
    Your journal is different from my (very personal) idea of ‘travel journal’, but I really appreciate it! I love collecting ephemeras like you!

  2. I’m sitting here at my computer listening to the music and exercising my belly… not that I know how to belly dance but what I’m doing is surely better than just sitting.
    I like your journal and the video lots better than the music but it’s sure appropriate. You did a great job with the video. I never thought about using the laptop camera to do this. You are so creative!

  3. ?bercool video! Vilken fin bok, s?n vill jag ocks? ha! Jag har l?tit laga min symaskin, s? jag kanske m?ste sy ihop en rolig bok med olika papper…

  4. Your journal is incredible! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been a silent reader/admirer for a while now and finally got up the courage to leave a comment. You have a wonderful blog and are very creative.

  5. thanks so much for sharing! i love the idea of the video ~ it’s so much more personal than photos.. and your journal is incredible! how did you manage to make just the right number of pages? i did a little travel journal when i went to germany in december, but had many extra pages by the time i came home.. (and i worried about having too few when i made it!)

  6. great video, hanna! very inspiring. i’m going to be making another one of my own soon, i’m only a couple pages away from finishing my journal.

  7. Hanna,
    What a detailed project. You put so much time into it! How nice to have that journal to remember your trip. It is very inspiring. I have photos and mementos from studying in Spain many years ago. They are now all falling out of the album. Perhaps it is time to put them together in a project. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a great blog entry! I loved both the flip through and the close-ups of your travel journal. Travel journals are my favorites and yours is my favorite kind of travel journal. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hanna, you’ve outdone yourself! Videos are so fun and I’m so glad you shared your Egyptian journal with us…hmm I don’t know about all this movie editing. Do you work on a Mac or a PC? I just use the iMovie in my MacBook and it’s pretty easy… Anyway, can’t wait to see your next journal. You’re amazing! happy creations from germany, tj

  10. Great music and great job on the video :) It was lovely to see the flip through and I love how you added in so many elements and ephemera in different interesting ways. Very cool!

  11. Hanna, this was such fun and so inspiring! Your laptop camera worked great for this. I haven’t yet given in to journals, but you’ve almost convinced me to try it.

    The belly dance music was perfect! It made me smile as I remembered my belly dance classes from years ago. And of course it set the perfect mood for your travel journal.

  12. Oh my! I love your journal and the music was great…even my hubby asked what are you listening to? This is a wonderful reminder of your trip….very inspiring!

  13. That was fun to watch. I love the music you picked. I was dancing in my seat. Next year I’m suppose to go on a trip and I will definitely be making a travel journal.
    As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Absolutely loved your flip-through. You did an amazing job on the journal! Makes me want to travel so bad! And thank you for the links to other flip-through videos, that’s my weekend sorted. ;)

  15. So nice, Hanna! I’m working on a Travel Journal from 5 years ago (yeah, I know), and after looking at yours it needs a lot of work! Yours is very inspiring.

  16. I enjoyed watching the video and it was a great journal that I’m sure you will enjoy taking out every now and then and leaf through again.

  17. Okay, it is SO cool that you included these photos. I am blown away at how great your journal is. It’s refreshing to see it with your writing all included and your explanations. Congrats, Hanna! You inspire me again!!

  18. Oh my my my… amazing! You do have a lot of writing; I think when I make my next journal I’m going to leave totally blank pages so there is room for a lot of writing and to attach random paper items. I like your style a lot, thank you for sharing. You’ve re-inspired me to try my hand at journal making again. Thanks!

  19. Hanna, You’ve done it. It was the flip video that pushed me over the edge, to finally pull out the box of treasured items collected on our big adventure last summer. It’s never too late. I want to make a travel journal! Thank you as always!

  20. I’ve been wanting to do a travel journal for some time now. In my online research, I keep coming back to your posts. Any chance you might teach a travel journal class online this year?

  21. Thanks for all your kind words!

    Arielle, I am not teaching a travel journal class but it is a good idea. If you want to take a class I would recommend Mary Ann Moss’s Remains of the Day, you’ll learn to bind your own journal and then you can use it as a travel journal I’m sure! I haven’t taken it myself but I know you’ll be inspired by her” It’s about every day ephemera but if you know what trip you’re going on you can use papers that are inspired by upcomnig travels!

  22. Do you know how to make a travel journal? I’m going away next week, and I would like to make one.

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