Have you ever heard about a fiber called “angelina”? I hadn’t until I got this little bag to try out. It’s a very cool material that melts into a fabric-like surface when you iron it. Angelina fibers in a bag
Here is a description of the material:

“The properties of these fibres result in an ability to provide luminescent-iridescent highlights, colour-shifts and sparkles. The “Heat Bondable” forms allows coloured fibres to be heat bonded to each other creating a web of fibres, which further change in form and colour when the layers melt together. Penetrating light is reflected and refracted and partially absorbed producing an incredibly luminous effect.”

Pink Angelina Fibers (copyright Hanna Andersson)

“To use is simplicity itself ? just lay strands of the heat bondable fibre on a sheet of paper or baking parchment, combining the colours as desired. Sandwich the non-bondable Angelina, and any other fibres, leaves, feathers, threads etc. between the bondable types and cover with another sheet of paper, and iron. The bondable fibres only stick to each other, not to the background or other materials.”

Angelina fiber experimenting (copyright Hanna Andersson)

I made the angelina sandwich from fibers, colored fleece (wool), some nylon tulle and sewing threads that glitters. Then I ironed everything together and got this lush kind of brittle fabric that is just beautiful. From a fluffy pile of material into this;

Angelina fiber experimenting

If you are into any kind of fabric craft
that has a touch of art experimenting in it I think you’ll love angelina! I absolutely recommend you to go buy some fibers and play with it. I was amazed at the luminosity and shimmer that came out from under the parchment-paper.

Don’t you just love things that will make your art sparkle? And the possibilities… On this not-really-fabric but surface you could sew, embroider, glue, add embellishments and beads.

Spreading some fibers out on tulle;
Angelina fiber experimenting (copyright Hanna Andersson)

This is what it looks like after melting;
Angelina fiber experimenting (copyright Hanna Andersson)
Mixed yellow with pink and some gold colored threads. This is the edge of one of my favorite experiment pieces!

Angelina fiber experimenting (copyright Hanna Andersson)
A bag flash pic but you can see the structure of the “fabric”.

Angelina fiber experimenting (copyright Hanna Andersson)
That very small bag went a long way I think. I haven’t decided where to use these, but I have an idea that they will become Art Quilts in some way.