Inspired by a DVD: Printing & Patchwork from Coloricious

DVD Inspired Printing & Patchwork (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson) I’ve attended about forty minutes of a quilting workshop right here in my home which was both convenient and fun. Previously I’ve been enjoying all kinds of creative videos on Youtube so I already knew I enjoy watching others be creative. I think it’s inspiring, especially if I don’t have the energy to create something myself but still want to indulge in creativity. Also lately other shows by Coloricious on the online Country Channel, but more about that later.

Now it’s time to review the DVD
Inspired Printing & Patchwork with Jamie Malden (presenter) and Mary Gamester (quilting teacher)! This is the first Workshop DVD I’ve ever seen and I love it! I hope it’s the first in a big inspiring collection!

DVD from Colourlicious

In the Inspired DVD series you will find video workshops on various textile techniques. The printing is done with non-specified fabric paint and Indian wooden blocks with interesting looking patterns! These DVD:s are published by the company Coloricious and behind that name is Jamie Malden and Holly Pulsford who also teaches and introduces guest teachers in their workshops!

In this DVD Jamie talks about colour theory in length and I would even say it’s the biggest lesson in there. After reading Julia Caprara’s great book Exploring color this DVD came in just in time! Jamie shows how colors works together and talks about primary and complimentary colours as well as warm and cold colours. She also shows pages from her Mood Book. It’s a spiral bound notebook with black pages made into a Color Theory Book. There is a spread for each main color followed by a spread per complimentary colour combination. Each spread shows a diverse collage of different papers (painted or ripped from magazines/advertising) and even items glued in. The book is so inspirational! When my mom, who is a quilter, had watched the DVD she set out to make her own inspiration book! I’m inspired by her book and by Jamie’s.

Just as Julia Caprara states; experimenting with colors is great fun!

DVD from Colourlicious

The quilting that is made is fairly easy
and aimed at the beginner that wants to get started quilting. I’ve explored all the styles that Mary Gamester shows, and didn’t learn anything new from these segments except her technique on folded circle patches. You’ll learn strip patchwork, log cabin square and crazy patchwork! If you want to start quilting I think this is a great DVD to purchase, you can watch it over and over again, and as a bonus you’ll learn both color theory and printing your own fabrics.

It’s the printing and making your own fabrics that I’m most interested in as a mixed media artist. There are many possibilities and endless of products to try out! Just watching something like this gives me energy to start, and that is a good testimonial from me!

Recourses Quilting Inspiration

Here is a short preview of what’s on this DVD:

Buy this DVD here!

Oh, and if you’re like me and love crazy quilting you should check out Diana Trout’s interview with Susan Cohen. I love crazy quilting because you don’t need to think about straight or “correct”, hehe. Have you tried it yet?

Two artists I adore

Oh, and what creative DVD’s are your favorite ones? On my wish list right now are Alisa Burke’s Expression Session Creating Vivid Mixed-Media Fabric by Interweave and Collage-Acrylic Paint Pizzazz (Collage Techniques for Paper and Fabric) with Sherrill Kahn, by Creative Catalyst Productions Inc.! Oh my.!

Go to Alisa’s blog and Sherrill’s homepage and you’ll understand why I love these two artists – they create beautiful things!

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  1. So much juicy stuff here, Hanna ! Oh, there are some many wonderful arty things to explore and discover in this world – sometimes it is so hard to choose.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and happy creating !

  2. I stumbled upon the Country Channel one day when looking for info about Angie Hughes and what a treasure! I have been watching Kerr Grabowski’s dvd on screen printing and can’t wait for the weather to warm up and get outside to do some experiments. Thanks for all the links and have a creative weekend. Cheers.

  3. I totally agree with you about Alisa Burke and Sherrill Kahn.
    They are so free and bring such texture to their work. Fun videos and lots of information you shared as usual.
    Your tissue paper posts have inspired me along with Kim Mailhot (a pal) above and I gave you a shout on my blog yesterday. Keep inspiring us all.


  4. THank you so much for this post. The DVD instructional video is so well done & it’s what I need–an approachable/kind/friendly method when it comes to sewing!
    And that indian block print looks so cool. I just visited their shop. Tempted to buy all the shapes but must control myself. :)

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