Sewing a Denim Basket

Jeans basket with roses sewn by @ihanna #craft #DIY #recycle

I’ve made a fabric basket from old denim jeans. I saw this fun idea in one of my mother’s craft books, and I really liked it. To make a basket out of fabric – what a fun idea, especially since we’ve got so many discarded jeans over here… I want to do that too!

Here I stuffed it full of little things and it works great for storage:

Stuffed Jeans Basket

Denim basket for small projects and stuff
As you can see I tried storing the Regia yarn (and the beginning of yet another sock) in there too. This project is now taking a breather.

How to sew a denim basket

How to make a jeans/denim basket yourself?
You sew stripes of jeans fabric together from old jeans you really can’t fit into anymore anyway. Then make a round bottom, using a plate of appropriate size as a guide for cutting. Make sure your row of sewn together stripes fits around the circle. I used a pot for measurements. Then you sew the basket wall together with the basket floor.


I made some lining out of my favorite rose fabric and finished the soft basket with a green edge out of another scrap.

Easy, fun and very useful.

Here is a shoot of the lining from above:

Inside the denim basket

Detail and close up:
Detail and close up
And yes, it’s a branded basket in real Levis denim. Tihii.

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  1. I am so in love with the denim basket. Someday, when I un-earth my sewing machine, I might try to make one. And you’ve been Tagged. Stop by my blog for details…

  2. Nä nu blir jag avundsjuk, det var ju jag som skulle göra den där först.Nu får nog morsan sätta fart, jag vill också ha en sån FIN korg
    puss från mamma

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