Kaleidoscope from wood-anemone

You can do all kinds of wonderful things in your computer as you all know. I found a simple and fun way to make a digital mandala from a photo, using the online photo editing program SumoPaint!

It’s simple! Visit the site and follow these instructions to make your own Digital Kaleidoscope Mandala!

How to

1. Open up SumoPaint in your browser

2. Click the button “Open From Computer”, select an image from your photo folder and click to open it.

3. Click on “Filters” (in the menu inside the browser, just below your address bar). Hover your mouse over “Distort” and select “Kaleidoscope”! Then play with the settings there.

Kaleidoscope from fabric


Play around with the settings and see what happens. You can change the number of sides, zoom in our out and also drag the little circle to change what area is focused on. When you’re happy with the look of your Kaleidoscope Mandala, click OK and save it to your computer.

Then make another one!

Digital Kaleidoscope Mandala

Don’t forget to test “Random” settings a couple of times. It is amazing how many ways one single image can be recreated.

The above four pink Kaleidoscope Mandalas are made from my personal profile photo. The more complex the photo, the more patterns you will get. The green mandala above is made from one of my White Anemone photos and the second one (my favorite), is from this photo of beautiful fabrics that I have yet to sew something with:

Fabric from old curtains

Magic, isn’t it? I’d love to see what you create! Feel free to post links to your creations in the comments. Have fun!

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