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Knitted Neon Socks

I am in love with neon colors, so when I spotted some neon yarn I bought it. This sock yarn has all of the neon colors: pink, orange, cerise, yellow & green – in the same ball of yarn. I started knitting a pair of socks for myself in May, finished them this summer and […]

Sometimes I knit too

Seriously! Sometimes I knit something even though last year was a knitting dry spell. This year starting good with me just knitting a few rows on the toe of second gray sock and ta-daa! Another pair of knitted socks by yours truly! If you don’t knit already you need to start because there is nothing […]

I think Halloween socks! Booo-hoo!

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Sweden. Though, as everything around the world is becoming americanized, we do have access to pumpkin-ghost-stuff in some stores these days. When I was a kid there were nothing like […]

Sock monkey history

This summer I made my first sock monkey from a pack of children’s socks I bought at a market. I used one pink and one yellow for this one. I don’t think I posted about it back then, so here she is in all her cuteness (Smilla the cat above, she wanted in too). I […]

Owls, socks and blood

I’m the happy owner of a pair of owl patterned panties! I didn’t buy them for myself when I first spotted them in the store, and when I went back they were sold out everywhere! I felt so sad since I very seldom really want something for myself that is not art material or craft […]

Comfy socks made with left over yarn

Inspiration struck, and I knitted a pair of socks in thick neat wool yarn (raggi) that I had left. I have used it for a winter cap and a very very long scarf, but had enought in two pink colours for a pair of socks (pattern from Ica Kuriren). And these are the first thick […]

Kinky striped socks finished

The Very Long Socks are finished! It’s a relief, and I’m so looking forward on starting something new. But it’s been fun, even though the knit-a-long maybe made me feel more lonesome (with everyone knitting the same pattern so far away) – than a part of a group… Not the alongers fault, I need to […]

Raspberry Socks

This pair of socks is releated to my gingerbread sock, finished in december last year. The yarn is the same, Opal, and I call them my Raspberry socks (hallonsockar!). The difference now is I’m more experinced, and the Raspberry socks are a little longer (because it was a lot of yarn left on the skein […]

Gone with the wind

A post about my candidate paper (C-uppsats), knitting and ladders on a sock. This is how my sock look right now: The very long sock is really fun to knit even though I’m having severe problems with “ladders” between the knitting sticks. Ugly and annoying – but no matter how hard I knit the first […]