Collage cube art by iHanna Copyright Hanna Andersson

I like to dabble in a little of this, and a little of that. And I collect amazeballz ideas. The first linked idea, with cubies, reminds me of a project I did (in 2006!) with cubes in wood.

Here’s five ideas to check out:

Inspiration with link love from iHanna (link list at

  • Collage Cubies Project
    Collage Cubies are easy to make with few supplies and materials, these are made from paper and you’ll find a printable template too! Each Cubie can stand alone as a unique piece of art, or be combined into a interchangeable sculpture.
  • Quilted Fabric Bead Inspiration
    Victoria Gertenbach have been experimenting with different fabrics, quilting stitches and sizes to create the most exquisite fabric beads I have ever seen – and the photos are to die for. Visual inspiration overload promised.
  • Paper Marbling Experiments
    Pam about her big “adventures in paper marbling”, and a very inspiring video where marbeling looks way easier than it is but oh, so fun and fantastic. Love the look of colorful marbled papers!
  • The Notecard System
    The Key For Remembering, Organizing And Using Everything You Read, an article by Ryan Holiday. On how to take notes while reading or doing research – by using index cards. Love the idea, even though I prefer Evernote/digital record keeping system…
  • Scrappy log cabin quilt block tutorial by Flutterkat
    I love the log cabin block, and every time I see one I get inspired to drag out my quilting ruler and cut some strips of fabric. Check out the tutorial and learn how to make it!

Searching this blog you’ll see I have also done marbling, fabric beads etcetera. I dabble a lot.

What is on your list to try next?