The power of the mind

While traveling by train this week (3 times!) I’ve listened to podcasts and knitted on a striped cap (thanks for sending me the pattern Elena!), thinking about the power of the mind…

More knitting 2008

Listening to inspiring podcasts really is something I love to do, and when I find a new one I get all exited and try to listen back in the archives. It’s like falling in love each time. Listening to someone talking is a very different experience than reading a blog post or article. I like that when I listen I feel very close to the person who is talking. Like they are addressing me privately, like a friend or mentor. They feel very present and what they say always kick start my brain in all kinds of directions, I especially remember how much I want to write – about creativity!

I listened too Marisa’s podcast Creative Thursday again this week. I was very inspired by the episodes I had on my iPod. Her one hour long interview with Matte Stephens is something you really need to download if you’re a striving artist! It’s about how artist make a living! I just feel like painting after listing to him talking about his passion. He said that he never saw him self as anything other than a painter so he became an artist. I love that.

Grissla When I listen to inspiring podcasts I feel like I’m in a class and I need want to take notes. Sometimes when I’m out walking I’ll stop and look through my bag for a pen and a piece of paper to scribble a couple of words on. Inspiration! There are just so many great quotes and inspiring information in there, just a few words spoken can give me a lot of new ideas that I want to try out! Marisa’s episode Artists are sensitive is awesome and it wakes up a lot of thoughts inside of me. I think it is a interesting subject to explore more in writing, from my own viewpoint. Marisa is talking about how sensitive is a premise when you’re an artist, but seen as a weakness not to talk about. What if… we try to see it as a strength? I love that thought and I’ve meet it in many forms this week; the power of the mind. First I bought a book about it that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time, and then the message kept repeating itself. How we could thing about our lives differently. Is it possible to turn things around – in your mind?

The Universe keeps telling me that “thoughts become things” and that I need to think in positive different ways than I used to do. And then comes Suzi, our great teacher, sharing her thoughts on how you “become” an artist; but she says you already are one (video here)! You don’t need to wait! And she means that in the same way; you are the boss in your life and you can call yourself what ever you feel like! I fear going on the train every day for 45 minutes x 2 (in the future?)! I think it’s a waste of time. The train is always packed with stressed people and I have so much I want to do with my life. I said that today and someone then answered:

– Yes, you can see it like that but you could also view those 45 minutes in another way! Think about it as your reading time, as a possibility for you? Sometimes we need someone else to help us think “right”.

Daily Art Card
Plus I shouldn’t even think about it until it happens. Deal with it later is something also to remember. That’s is what being in the NOW means that everyone is talking about. It’s not a discipline that wants to forbid you to think about your great memories or to tell you not to plan for the future. It’s only telling you that you need to be mindful in the present. Don’t worry about things you can’t change for instance. Don’t think about how fast your kids will grow up while you play with them – you need to give them your whole attention – now!

You can be full of strength and power, no I take that back, you are full of strength and power, you might just not know it yet!? Or you know it but forget it over and over again like I do? You can be an artist and a blogger too if you choose to. Others can not give you these gifts. When will you feel successful if you don’t feel that you can succeed?

It is created in what you do and in your thoughts, the thoughts you tell yourself over and over again each day. Is it I can’t do this or do you tell yourself: Yes, I will try and while trying I know I’ll be happy and excited!

My recommendations for inspiration:

If you feel inspired to listen and learn I recommend you look at the podcast I’ve listed on my link love list.

* Right now among my favorites are Danny Gregory’s new podcast An Illustrated life – it will really make you want to journal, draw and document your life (and buy his coming book this autumn).
* If you’re interested in creativity, spirituality and a healthy happy living you should head on over to Kimberly at Hip Tranquil Chic and download her some of her great shows!
* My most recent find is the blogtalkradio show ZNE’s Circa Arte about mixed media and art – a show I’ve been looking for since they stopped producing episodes at HeartArtRadio! The first show I heard was all about doll collecting and I had a lot of fun listening to it! And if you’re new to Art Journals Lia has some great tips here!
* And for those of you who prefer reading I just read this article called Thriving on insecurity that I can recommend. Gail Blanke writes;

Life is running along smoothly, everything in its place, and then, wham! You find yourself thrashing about in the “in between”: in between jobs, in between relationships, in between an old idea of yourself and a new one. And it’s darned uncomfortable. Security was always the objective, the holy grail.


Insecurity can be good. We weren’t meant to live tidy, predictable lives with everything neatly laid out in front of us, like all our clothes for the next week.

I’m off to listen to some of the shows at Hay House Radio where I just registered to get to their podcast archive where they have shows with names like I can Do It Hour, Meditation To Go and You Can Have what you Want! :-)

Have fun!

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  1. Hello from Slovakia!
    I am an avid reader of your blog … though so far have not really commented.
    Thank you very much for this entry and the podcast recommendations. :)

  2. thank you Hanna……I needed these words today!
    Thank you for being such a positive force in blogland and life.


  3. Oh, I’ve just about given up on trying to find any decent Podcasts, so thanks for the recommendation.

    And it looks like you have a lot to figure out. I love to see people talking like that :)

    “Thought become things” is SO true. And don’t forget to think of things in the present tense ;-)

  4. How nice to have a reader from Slovakia! Hi, and thanks for commenting for the first time, it takes a bit to get used to it but comments make me smile so feel free to write any time!

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