Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.
James M. Barrie

Making a handmade postcard is a creative act. Being creative takes courage, time and thought. If you ever made or got a handmade postcard you know what I’m talking about. People being in the DIY Postcard Swap here on my blog has reached out and spread creativity all over the world, and I’m moved by all you kind words, e-mails and blog posts! Thank you all!


Postcards and photo by Ingrid of mypeacetree.


Here are a few of the participants who has blogged
about their swapping experience and wants to share their experience. Please visit and comment if you have the time (collected with Mr Linky widget):

1. Christine

2. Ingrid – My Peacetree

3. Gina Lee Kim

4. Janet

5. Sues

6. Tslara

7. Artiste Nouveau

8. Elle

9. spooky

10. Margriet

11. Jen

12. Charlotta

13. Barbara

14. Amy

15. Amanda

16. Anette Linnea

17. Birgit

18. Yolanda

19. Sophie

20. Janice Mae

21. Vickie of In My Head Studios

22. Ja PRA

23. TJ – Studio Mailbox

24. Heather Kirtland

25. bettie

26. Carlin

27. Kerstin – KeMP

28. Mandy

29. Hannah

30. Cyn

31. Genevieve

32. Chris

33. scrowlscrowl

34. Aly B

35. Tammy/ Daisy Yellow

36. Diana Trout

37. Ann Maria Bell

38. Phoenix Peacock

39. Cynthia

40. Donna Cook

41. sheila

42. Carol

43. Kathryn – Collage Diva

44. Surfbunny

45. Rebecca

46. Mellowbeing

47. steph

48. lee

49. Yvonne

50. i Hanna

51. Adrianne

52. Ducks in a Row

53. EWian

54. Brii, the Mess

55. Steph – The nerd girl

56. Anjuli

57. Lay Hoon

58. Seher

If you are on flickr, you can add your photos to the DIY postcard group there too, like these girls have done (and many many others):

Postcard Pile -  photo by iHanna
Postcard and photo by bluebell fairy.

Photo and cards by pinkangel.

postcards for the swap
Postcards and photo by spookypaperdoll.

Postcard Swap!
Postcards and photo by craftsbyky

If you have the time I would greatly appreciate if you visited some of the blogs linked above and made some comments. Writing comments is a way of saying thank you.

Going to the post office is not the end goal. Connecting to others is. Sharing your creativity, but also sharing encouragement, love, time and kind words. If you get a postcard that includes an e-mail address take time to write a thank you note. I don’t always do this timely but I always try because I know it’s important, as well as common curtsy. ;-)

Want to join a swap online?

I love snail mail! If you want to try a random swap over the internet, I recommend you to check out the very cool site Swap-bot where you once you sign in, can join lots of different swaps, they even have a category for postcard swapping. I’ve swapped a few times at swap bot, most recently in the #craftsocial ATC swap, though I haven’t gotten mine yet. Earlier I got tip-ins (that I never made a book from) and once I got the sweetest matchbox ever through this site.

If you want to join my DIY Postcard Swap, I’ll host it again soon. Just sign up for the iHanna Newsletter to be notified on when it’s on. Talk to you soon.