New Business Cards for an Artist

Traditional business cards are rectangle and fits into the slots of a business card holder. Traditional business cards are black text on white card-stock, and are exchanged between business men at important meetings, as they try to make a memorable impressions. No one wants to be any different than the other guy..

Traditional business cards are often veeery boring, am I right?

The Perfect Business Cards for Artists blog post by iHanna

Mine are not boring or traditional. And they doe not fit your regular business card holder either, because they are, just like most of my art, square.

To me, they are perfect because the’re fancy and glossy but also scrappy, eclectic, personal and fun.

Business Cards for a Collage Artist blog post by iHanna

I ordered my business cards from Moo, a company that offers you a pack of business cards where each individual one can feature a different picture or design.

I love that about them!

Instead of having hundreds of “the same” I have a deck or different ones you can choose from when we meet.

Collage on Business Cards blog post by iHanna

Moo Business Cards feat. iHanna’s Square Collages

For the front of my artist business cards I picked one of my square collages from my 365 project. They’re all square, so the print is a perfect little miniature copy, with a glossy finish, of the original.

On the back they could look like “normal” business cards, with just your information on white – but I added a little iHanna photo there too, to make it more me and colorful.

Backside of iHanna's Business Card blog post by iHanna

I love both sides equally, and if I had kids I would totally make a set of Memory Game Cards from these prints. You could also use them as magnets on the fridge, or make a mini gallery on the wall showing your different art works. I think they’re perfect for artists to play around with design, art and information.

I mean, they’re like little paper toys that you just want to play with. They are also fun to use as tip-ins in a journal, or tape them into your notebook at one edge so you can use them as flip-up keepsakes and decoration.

Collage on Business Cards blog post by iHanna

When I got my pack of business cards back I was thrilled with them.

I love the packaging even. And I love their size and love how they look so glossy and lovely. I bought business cards from Moo a few years ago too, when I used to do craft fairs, and then they were skinny like little labels and super cute. They’re still available and are called Mini Cards (70 x 28 mm). Now that they offered other sizes, like square ones and or course I had to try them.

Business Cards for Collage Artist blog post by iHanna

I usually send them out with my Etsy orders and happy mail, and on occasion give them out when I’m out and about.

It’s been a while since I ordered these moo business cards, but I still really love them.

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I also had some stickers printed…

Round Blog Stickers blog post by iHanna

Moo Stickers

Of course I had to try the round stickers too, so I randomly picked a few designs I already had in my computer and made stickers from them. Aren’t they super fun, all with my domain name in some way printed on them.

You get 52 stickers in a pack, and you can have them all different or just a few different designs, what ever floats your boat. I adore mine. I guess it’s the kid in me, who still loves (and collects) stickers. What a dream to have your own professionally designed stickers, right?

If only I’d know when I was 8 years old that it would be possible to print my own stickers one day…

Order your own printed business card or post card or glossy stickers from Moo

Like I mentioned, I’ve been a fan of Moo for many years. This is how the skinny ones looked like, ordered about 10 years ago or so (and gone since long):

Moo Cards

Artist business cards – get your own!

If you want to design your own stickers, business cards or postcards and order them via my affiliate link, you get 20 % of your first order!

Get 20 % off your first order from Moo today.

Here are some more photos of my business cards, just because I think they’re pretty.

Perfect business card for creatives & artists blog post by iHanna

What do you think? Isn’t square a fun size?

Perfect business card for visual artists blog post by iHanna

Would you be interested in more blog posts about art and crafty business ideas? Let me know below and I will try to write more about this topic in the future.

Art Every Day Month

Today is first of November, and I’m doing #AEDM of course, that is November is Art Ever Day Month, and you should join too, and make a little bit of art every day this month.

** Follow me on instagram where I’m @ihannas to see today’s creation.
** Get 20 % off your first order from Moo today.
** Also check out my Pinterest Board on DIY Business

Happy November!

6 Responses

  1. Hanna, these are gorgeous! You had a bumper crop of awesome collages from that project.

  2. These are so inspiring, Hanna! Perfect little square artworks! I really love them and i want them now too!

  3. Really so beautiful and cool. Very inspiring.
    I would love to read more about art and crafty business ideas/tips.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment – it means a lot that you left a comment and find what I share inspiring. I will keep at it for sure, into the new year.

  4. Hello is your artwork available for business cards to the public? Or do we have to come up with our own ideas I love your cards do you sell them to customers? Sincerely Chmeri

    • Thanks Cheri,
      I am glad you like my version of making business cards!

      If you’re interested in buying my cards contact me privately, they would make great little art bricks on a wall for sure.

      Not selling the images to use for prints though, but thanks for asking.

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