After my post on how cool the angelina fiber is I also want to tell you about a Swedish inspiration book that is just as seductive as the material itself…

Angelina - Swedish inspiration book (copyright Hanna Andersson)In the Swedish book Angelina – fibrer som förför by Lena Blommegård you will find even more information about the material and some lovely inspiration!

The book is jam packed with Lena’s artistic work portrait in nice photos with the added bonus of some tutorials. She has used angelina on many items; furniture, clothes, jewelery…

I love her beautiful moon bag, the brooches and the magic look of her bracelets! Lena is a very cool fabric artist. The book is in Swedish, but I think the images is well worth the 100 SEK (about 12 usd) even if you can’t read the words. Order it from Lena directly by contacting her (lena.blommegard [at] She has self-published this book because she loves this material so much and thought we all needed to know about it! :-)

Angelina fiber experimenting (copyright Hanna Andersson)
1. take some fluff, 2. iron it between paper and then 3-4. be amazed at the result. Melted shimmer, love it!

One of the spreads from Lena Blommegårds book;
From the Angelina book written by Lena Blomg?rd
To know more visit Lena at and Lena’s blog. You can buy fibers online, do a google search or check out an online store close to you and ask if the carry angelina there.

You can order Lena Blommgård’s book from Slöjdmagasinet in Sweden. While there I saw this other book on textile and embroidery. Textilt ?terbruk book cover It’s the book Textilt återbruk by Swedish fabric crafter Malin Lindström. She has self-published her book too, and it’s a must-own if you love thrifting and can’t stop yourself from buying secondhand fabrics. I first saw it at Sätergläntans great craft shop, but it was sold out when I decided to get it. Recently my mom bought it directly from Malin’s site though, so now we have it in the family at least…

It’s a fabulous book about flea market adventures, crafting and sewing with vintage materials (ties, doilies, napkins, table cloths). Many many pages of great photos, romantic countryside environment and information how to recycle all kind of soft materials.

Get both as a spring gift for yourself.