Broderiakademin's magazine 2012

In today’s mail came the new embroidery magazine, and I am very proud since I am one of three editors. I’ve planned it, worked with it, written articles, edited text, photographed, edited layout, found spelling-mistakes and on and on. Always happy to make this thing -but also extremely happy and satisfied when it’s “over” and the mag is finished. Phew!

Today's shopping
And new on my desk today is two glue sticks, a micron pen for doodlishious times and two fabric paints that were on sale. I have white shirts, will paint or stamp one to try this out and then use the rest on cotton fabric for embroidery experiments!

Today's drink
And in my favorite glasses something to drink while testing out my new pen and making doodles in a notebook. Also a “new” (newly discovered and tried for the first time today) photo format (1:1) on my Ixus camera! I can now take square format photos all the time! It’s so much fun, and such a great little feature. Will the fun ever stop?

What’s new with you?