Even if you don’t have kids, you should make stuff with kids at every opportunity.
Kim Werker

Tindra is Painting an Owl

Time to Craft an Owl Doodle! Like I mentioned in my review of Craft-a-doodle we had a very nice doodle session around here after I got the book from the publisher. Two grown ups and two kids aged 5 and 12, doodled for quite a while, using the book as inspiration! I think we all enjoyed this book a lot.

Some of my experiments of doodling on top of two intersecting watercolor spheres:

Little owl experiments inspired by Craft-a-Doodle book

These owls are inspired by my absolute favorite exercise from the book, by Flora Chang. She shows you how to create a super cute Little owl in just 5 simple steps that everyone can follow. Not all owls will look like hers, but that’s not the point. The point is to give it a try, to be surprised by yourself and your creation.

Here’s a rather Big Little Owl, drawn by my 12 year old visitor:

Owl painting with watercolours

So love how different a drawing based on the same idea can be. The possibilities of this owl idea is endless. Flora suggest you use diluted black ink, but we went with watercolors because rainbow creatures fly better around here. Once you give it a try, you’re sure to want to make several more. A lot more even…

Little Owls en masseAnd we sure created a looot of owls! I love this idea of doodling on top of a watercolor shape… Your doodle has personality even before you get started.

These were all made by my 5 year old visitor:

Tindra 6 years little owlsTindra's drawing
Tindras orm / snake drawing

Get the book Craft-a-Doodle here. Then Draw a cute Little Owl, won’t you?