DIY Postcard by Sue

I am closing the Swap with this last postcard post update. I just need to share the postcards I have gotten in the DIY Postcard Swap, autumn 2013. Because I adore all the postcards I have received, so much! Those who sent me “extras” warms my heart double.

I am sending all of you a big thank you for making this swap possible! Thanks so much!

Here are the cards I have received:

My lot November 2013
Gwen Delmore, Washington, made me an extra, it’s the collage with a feet image above. It’s so layered and textured. Then the blue flowers are from Janetta, known as texanntx on instagram . Of course I’ve already showed you the machine embroidered postcard with the sentiment Wishing you a Day filled with Good Things by my mom.

I got the first postcard of the season from Tina Jensen, Denmark. I love the simplicity of it, and how cool that she used lace on white love that. She even used a vintage postcards from Sweden (Haparanda!) as the back, with yellowed paper, spots and all. I might copy that idea for the next swap round.

Lisa Hardman made the giraffe postcard its super awesome and makes me really happy (3).

Here are some close-ups of some of them:

Glitter brown DIY Postcard by Brenda
Brenda Leonard has made her own brown glitter tape, and also wrote about how she made it and what kind of (recycled!) material she were using on the back! Inspiring!

Autumn DIY Postcard by Paola
Paola Papa, Italy, sent me these awesome autumn colors and pressed leaf glued on top!

Owl Joy DIY Postcard by Outi
Outi Laaksonen, Sweden sent me a super cute owl postcard. How perfect for a owl lover like me, right?

Purple DIY Postcard by Tricia
Tricia Watts, Mississippi State, sent me a small piece of happiness decorated with especially the wooden butterfly! What a happy postcard indeed!

Pink DIY Postcard by Christina
My friend Christina made me pink brick house that you can open up. And inside you’ll find a collage of things that I really really would like to own. She knows me.

Puff Paint DIY Postcard by Christie
Christie Juhasz have used puff paint (neon puff paint) to create a adorable creature that “come to color”. How awesome is that? Love it!

DIY Postcards by Sophie & TracyLee
Sophie De Court in Dubai made a mixed media layered postcard with a machine sewed edge, and oh, even the backside with stamps and stickers is lovely. Just so you know. Tracy Vandermay have mixed paint, tape and collaged images. And a poem about dancing. Super cute, all of it!

Sewn DIY Postcard by Tammy
Tammy Garcia of DaisyYellow makes such happy artwork. I feel lucky to have this beauty in my possession.

Warm DIY Postcards by Betty & Sam
Betty Richardson, Texas, painted a flag! ! A very cool one, and love the stitching that is kind of hidden but really adds to the postcard! Sam Farman used her own hand carved stamp (it’s her sweet cat Eddie) on gelli prints, two of her favorite tools.

DIY Postcards by Sally-Ann & Kelly
Sally-Ann Garrett, England made a brown collage with the quote: We don’t meet people by accident, they cross our path for a reason. & Kelly Warren, Florida, used tape and collage for hers. Yum!


Im super happy that some of you wanted to send me an extra postcards too. So if you count to more than 10, that’s why. I have a pile of those too! Want more postcard inspiration? Then check out the postcard link list. Lastly I did two personal swaps. First one with Sue Maher, who asked for a postcard for her birthday (it’s the first one in this post). And then one with my new mail art idol, who inspired my pop art postcards this year, Stephanie Dodson:

Postcard by Stephanie Dodson
Little by little you become you.

I have been posting them as I got them to my Facebook page Studio iHanna. Please like it if you want to get sprinkles of what I’m up to on a daily basis.

Oh, almost forgot, I got two Christmas cards this week too! Crazy I know, Christmas is here soon.

I love handmade Christmas Cards #diypostcardswap
Doodle on black by Chris Miser and a art celebration postcard by Adrianne Martin! Thank you ladies!

Thank you all!