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I have decided to do another 365 collages in 2022.

This will be my fourth year of doing a 365 somethings my own way, so I am feeling confident that once I commit to a project like this I can push through. I am so stubborn it just seam impossible for me to give up on my passion projects. Although this year…

365 creative actions in a year by iHanna #365somethings2022

I am slightly worried that I will fail. This is why I’ve been thinking about doing a 365 project for months but not announced it anywhere. Previous years I have been all ready to go on January 1st, but not this time.

But if I fail, we will deal with it then. And it will be okay too, because so many have failed before me and they did survive!

Have you ever tried a bigger project like this, and how did it go for you? Let me know in the comments.

Last time I did a big project like this I did it together with my friend Tammy, but she is not joining this time. Then we simply called it “365 somethings” and to that project we invited everyone who wanted to boost their creativity with a little bit of something creative. It can be just as loosely defined as that, or you could have as many rules or parameters you want to make yourself stick to the project all the way through.

This “something” is defined as “something creative” x 365 times or every day for a year – and there are a lot of activities that could be included within that concept.

You could narrow it down by saying “something creative every day inside an art journal” or a particular notebook, doing “something creative” sitting in front of your sewing machine, writing something on the computer, blogging every day, sharing a creative photo on instagram or committing to a specific project like adding stitches to a year-long embroidery or other bigger project like a patchwork quilt, weaving or painting a mural in your home. It’s important that is is achievable and measurable, like any SMART goal is, because otherwise how will you know if you succeed?

To me it needs to be something tangible, like a finished art piece. I would suggest a finished journal page x 365, or a tag, painting, collage, ATC, row of stitches on a cross stitch, a page filled in a notebook (doodles, journaling, a poem a day, a postcard or piece of mail art sent, or what ever you are into most.

The possibilities are endless, and it will be really fun to see what everyone comes up with!

Collage fodder on my desk

My 365 project 2022

iHanna's 365 collages in 2022 #365collages2022 For myself I am doing a classic iHanna thing: square art collages, for framing on the wall. I have yet to decide on a size and my personal format of sharing the project online (blog once a week or month, instagram photos, video, something behind a pay wall?) but I am open to suggestions that will help make it fun, sustainable and maybe different from how I approached it previously.

These are my reasons for picking collage as my art form for 2022:

– I already know I love collage and that my collage ideas does not run out – ever
– I have all the collage materials collected already and I want to use my stash more often
– I want to create artwork to hang on a wall, and this is my way of committing to it
– One collage a day is manageable to me, but a painting or anything else that should be finished in a day feels overwhelming when I fall a bit behind
– I long for more hands on art right now

Looking at my reasons might help you when deciding what to do and if this is right for you. What medium should you pick? How often, when, where to share it and so on are questions you need to ask yourself ASAP.

Collage fodder on my desk

To note: As before I will not commit to daily creativity, because I can not manage that. I have some days when I feel unable to do anything, so it does not work for me. Instead I will do it in my own way which is 7 finished art pieces per week. Big projects needs to fit into your life style and health situation or they will not be finished, that is my experience.

In this way, on a busy week I can create 7 collages in a quiet Saturday and be done with it without feeling stressed the entire week. I can even catch up if I get sick, but let’s hope that won’t happen this time.

How to plan a 365 Project by iHanna of

Previous 365 Projects I have finished

These are the three blog tags I have used when sharing about my previous deep dives into 365 project, explore them and feel free to let me know at any blog post what you think. I read all comments and try to answer as often as I can.

  • Daily Art Cards made in 2008 are all tagged DAC2008
  • Collages made in 2013 are all tagged DAC2013
  • Collages made in 2018 are all tagged DAC2018

and for the new year:

  • Collages made in 2022 will all be tagged 365in2022

My creative project in 2022 is 365 creative somethings #365somethings2022

Join 365 somethings in 2022

Would you like to give it a try along with me? Just tag your project #365somethings2022 on instagram and start sharing. Remember to visit the hashtag to comment and like others creative explorations – that is how we cheer each other on and spread positive vibes on social media. It is also fun to come up with a hashtag of your own and keep track of where you are on a blog or a spreed-sheet.

The key is that it is a quantitative goal and NOT a daily goal. So that opens up a myriad of possibilities! Tammy

Read Tammy’s new blog poston 365 somethings where she gives loads of good advice.

Follow me @ihannas on Instagram to see what I share – all through the year.

Happy New Creative Year to you from me!

365 starts here – on Instagram. Share, save, like and comment.
Pinterest board 365 somethings (apply to join it)
Hashtag #365somethings2022 – follow the hashtag to see what others are doing

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  1. I do something creative every day, but Id love to join this to motivate me to finish up art journals. It would be nice to use up stash too!

    • Thank you, I think any creative project that both feels good and uses what we have is perfect. Keep journaling my friend, I love seeing what your pages look like!

  2. Congratulations on starting another 365 of Something! Hope you have lots of fun! Ill be cheering for you from over here! :)

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