Diamond Stitch Art Journal

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
Jim Rohn

Trying something new to me, called diamond x stitch binding. It is a bookbinding stitching method. I thought it would be more difficult than it was, so I put it of for a while, but when I finally decided to try it I found it easy to do, though of course rather fiddly with the whole book in your hand at once. You assemble the book cover first, then sew the signatures directly into the spine, without making a book block before adding the cover.

Hand made Art Journal

This was a new way of book binding for me, but one I enjoyed and will use again. The book turned out lovely, even for a first try; sturdy, beautiful and fun to work in. A Diamond of an Art Journal!

My Diamond Stitched Art Journal

I haven’t finished the Kawaii Art Journal yet, but in it I put mostly sewn and collaged pages already, so I needed a new Art Journal for painting and drawing, i.e. with more blank pages. I like the mix of papers to be 1 part mixed papers and 3 parts white watercolor papers, so that is what I put into this new one.

iHanna's Art Journal

The green and pink cover is a piece of wallpaper from one of those discarded wallpaper books you can get at the paint store if you’re lucky. I have a whole bag of wallpaper pieces from a friend who didn’t need them all. I ♥ friends like that.

This pink and green wallpaper is perfect for a iHanna journal, don’t you think?

The Diamond x Stitch Spine on new Art Journal by @ihanna #bookbinding

For the spine I used the small left over bit from my 2011 art journal, which is a favorite. I love the colors and patterns of this plastic cover! I thrifted a small piece of this once, and now I don’t have any more left, and doubt I will ever find one as pretty, so I’m glad I at least have two journal spines featuring it on the shelf…

iHanna's Art Journal

I learned the Diamond x Stitch from Mary-Ann Moss’ class Ticket to Venice, where you get to travel with her, make a travel journal using this bookbinding method and fill a whole travel journal. You also get a huge travel craving and longing to see Vencie, as a sad bonus (I haven’t been yet!) You can also search the internet for a tutorial, maybe this blurry youtube tutorial will give you an idea on how it’s done.

What method of bookbinding is your favorite, or do you prefer to buy your journals?

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7 Responses to Diamond Stitch Art Journal

  1. Ooh – pretty colors. Love your diamond stitch experiment. Mary Ann Moss is a wonder, isn’t she? On her blog she shows so many creative ways to have fun.

  2. yvette says:

    never made one so cannot give a answer but you made a great book

  3. Arielle says:

    Your diamond stitched journal turned out beautifully, Hanna! Love the colors you chose! Like you, I put off trying the diamond stitch for quite some time, but decided to take the gamble and used it on an Italy travel journal I made my friend. And like you, I fell in love with it! Thanks again for connecting me to Mary Ann Moss’s classes – I’m currently in the middle of creating signatures for two “Remains of the Day” Ireland travel journals. Can’t get enough of making journals for my friends and for myself! Looking forward to seeing more of your journal creations in the future!

  4. jenni says:

    ooh i love this and all the pretty pages peeking out, this inspires me to try this stitch for my next journal. I’m in mam’s sketchbookery class and she has a chevron stitch that was a lot of fun to do.

  5. Andria says:

    I love that diamond stitch, Hanna…that looks beautiful. I tend to think all bookbinding techniques are tough, and put them off, and then when I start in, I remember why I love doing it! Those colors seem PERFECT for you! :-)

  6. Chris says:

    This is a GREAT stitch. It keeps the journal sturdy yet the spine is flexible. Love your colors as usual, and the texture.

  7. Jana says:

    Indeed – perfect Hanna-colors :) It looks great!
    Can’t wait to look at it closer :)))))

    Kram <3

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