Blogging for 10 years – how and why it happened

To achieve the impossible, you must attempt the absurd…
Jon R. Michaelsen

Today is my 10th blogoversary, which means I have been writing blog posts for this blog for the past ten years! That is a long time to keep doing anything, and in the blog world I must be considered to be one of the veterans, right?

When I started this blog, I had just found out what a blog was and my first post explains the new phenomenon and the allure it already had on me.

How I kept blogging for 10 years - and why, by iHanna of - art, craft and creativity

Because I have always loved writing I knew it was something that I could do and wanted to try. Maybe it would be something that I would be really good at? I am not the kind of writer that comes up with stories, instead I journal in my diary and write about my own experiences, and that’s what this blog has always been about. Me, and in extension you. What I make of my days, and what you can make of yours. Then my vision of what I wanted to share and talk about grew from there, and it has kept growing with me and my expanding interests.

I have been thinking about hosting a big 10 year anniversary event or giveaway, but the thought of doing something big right now is giving me more of a block than a boost. And that’s not why I blog… So instead I am sitting in a cafe in the town where it all started, sipping a nice coffee and thinking about the past 10 years of this blog’s life span, and my own life as it enfolded and still enfolds…

A lot happens in a 10 year period, so the question is: what is it that has kept me blogging for so long? Why haven’t I, like so many others, let my blog die and moved on to something else? Why am I still excited about posting, and why have I never experienced any problem with what I wanted to post about? I think there are some dark reasons for me blogging too, but let’s not explore those today. The reasons I love my blog and have kept writing it for 10 years has something to do with:

GROWTH | My blog has grown along with me

I didn’t name this a knitting blog when I started it and wrote mostly about my newbie knitting experiences, and I didn’t even know it was going to be chronicling my creative journey in the beginning. Instead I wrote about the movies I saw, books I read, and then it evolved almost by it self into a craft blog, and now in later years, a mixed media and art blog more than anything.

I have explored the topics of my own life here: photography, book making, art journaling, getting a cat and scoring on flea markets and thrift shops. My blog is as varied as me, and that’s the way I like it. And I know you do too.

And through being part of the blogging world, I have pushed myself, taken part in weekly and yearly challenges, gotten to take awesome art classes online and met wonderful friends.

HAPPINESS | My blog makes me happy

Friendship and getting feedback on my own projects makes us happy. Even though I am an introvert these things are important to me, and blogging has given me this things more than I could ever get without blogging.

Because I love writing, photography, photo editing, documenting and exploring creativity, blogging has proven to be the perfect thing for me and my personality. I was born a blogger, even before blogging existed! You can start a good blog just by sharing one picture each day, or by writing long articles even without sharing any images (yes you can because I have seen it happen), there are many ways of blogging. The ones that succeed finds out what makes them happy, and keep doing it. The combination of all of these things is what I love most. So, day after day, I find new ways to do it.

This blog is the pillar of my own Happiness Project. It documents what makes me happy, and as a consequence of that, it makes me an even more happy person!

INSPIRATION | I love sharing to inspire others

I surely didn’t know in the beginning that one of my big reasons would be the joy of inspiring my readers. If I have ever inspired you to cut and paste, to paint, to write, to document your life in video or photography, to join the postcard swap, tried free form embroidery, filled a notebook, or explored the possibility of making a personalized DIY Calendar, then I have succeeded with my mission! My mission is to encourage and inspire you to be more creative in your own life, in ways that fits your lifestyle and personality.

And the best part of blogging might just be that I do know my reach. I know I have succeeded, because you tell me so in e-mails, letters, and comments on the blog. And those comments gives me inspiration in return. Inspiration to keep writing, sharing, thinking, creating and being the best blogger I can be.

To achieve the impossible, you must attempt the absurd… To write blog posts for this many years sounds like an absurd task. Not impossible, but absurd indeed. As is life, most of the time if you ask me. Luckily I didn’t know that when I started. Lucky for all of us, we don’t know what is ahead of us.

This blog celebrates its Blogoversary each April 24th

Thanks for being here, thanks for letting me share all of this with you!

You can subscribe to new posts via e-mail or RSS, because my blog archives will keep growing. So stay tuned my friends!

Oh yeah, I also recorded a little snippet of audio for you guys, about why I started blogging and why I keep going, click to listen:

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25 Responses to Blogging for 10 years – how and why it happened

  1. jenni says:

    10 years is such an achievement! i can’t think of another blog that has been around as long. Thanks for all the creative inspiration you share here :)

  2. Denise says:

    Happy blogiversary!

  3. Arielle says:

    Happy 10th blogoversary, Hanna! That’s quite the accomplishment! Thank you for continuing to share what makes you happy with us, and for creating a beautiful place on the internet where we can come and bask in your bright, happy colors! Congratulations and here’s to many more years! Big hugs!

  4. Anna W says:

    Tack själv!!!

  5. Christie says:

    Congratulations! Well done!!! What a remarkable achievement!!! Your blog posts are always a highlight of my day with all the color and creativity you present. I don’t leave many comments but please know that you are appreciated and enjoyed. I am looking forward to the postcard swap once again. Thanks for doing all the work to coordinate that fun event. And Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. linda says:

    wowee / congrats! how time flies!

  7. Carin says:

    Wow! 10 years! That’s quite an achievement! Happy blogoversary Hanna! I’ve loved being part of your creative journey the last few years, and hope we’re still here blogging away in another 10.

  8. Traci says:

    Congrats on that 10 year mark, very impressive! I’m most glad to hear that it simply makes you happy, then and now.

  9. Debi says:

    Happy Blogoversary, Hanna!! : ) You said in your post … “thanks for being here” but what I want to say is … thank YOU for being here because you are truly an inspiration to me and I so appreciate your posts and pictures and all you share.

  10. Susanne says:

    Dear Hanna,
    congratulations on your blogoversary. I discovered your blog 18 months or so ago. At that time I was really desperate to find something fullfilling and some way to express myself. Your blog became a lighthouse for my journey, guidance and comfort. And I read it all over the months. Today I am still searching and not quite happy with what I have achieved but I think I am on my way und your experiences and experiments will be a wonderful help for a long time to come.
    I sincerely wish you all the best in the world and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. Hanna says:

    Congratulations!!! Good work!!!
    You just inspired me to do more with my blog and feel less crapp about even trying to blog. That inner critic you know.
    You have such a great way of spreading and inspiring happiness in the little things in life!

  12. Kelley says:

    10 years doing anthing consistently is remarkable; congrats on your stick-with-it-ness! So enjoy following you; your blog has been a model for me, reaffirming my belief that I didn’t need to stick to just one thing (because I can’t!).

    Shine on!

  13. Gill says:

    10 years ago I hadn’t heard of blogging!!

  14. Wow! Congratulations on your blogging achievement! Clearly this medium suits you as a visual and project diary where you share your lifestyle with us – and we love it! You are an inspiration. Cheers to the next evolution of your style :)

  15. claudia says:

    As usual, your post is insightful and deep. Thanks for sharing what has kept you blogging these 10 years. I’m very glad that you’re still passionate about it and plan to continue (another 10 years, maybe?)

    I wish I’d followed your lead when I named my own blog. I chose a specific name (“Creative Upcycling”) to keep myself focused and to attract readers. But now I find it’s too narrow for the widening creative path I find myself on. I wish I could change it to “iClaudia” (just kidding…kind of).

    Stay happy and keep blogging!

  16. Andria says:

    Happy blogoversary to you, Hanna! I am so happy you are here, and that you have stuck with blogging for such a long time. You are a wonderful source of creative inspiration. I have stuck with blogging much longer than I ever expected to, and continue to enjoy the encouragement it gives me to keep creating.

  17. sandie says:

    Congratulations Hanna! 10 years is a remarkable time – I didn’t even realise blogging goes back so far!

  18. regina says:

    Oh Hanna, happy 10 years! I am more than happy you’ve stayed with us for so long. Although I very rarely comment, I do pop in quite often and am always so inspired by your creativity and bright outlook. Thanks for sharing this great post fellow veteran. I’ll be at nine years in October.

  19. Mary says:

    Hanna, congrats on your 10 happy years! I hope you continue blogging…You are always trying something new and are so creative. Your blog is great inspiration to me…thank you!

  20. Sophie says:

    Dear Hanna,

    You’ve been an inspiration for a long time and I am so happy to have found you when I did (7 or so years ago?)
    I’ve been neglecting my blog for almost 2 years now and I have to admit that I miss it. I miss my readers and their feedback. I miss that daily routine of creating, photographing and blogging. I am considering this post of yours as a swift kick in the pants to get back to it.

    Happy 10 year blogoversary. Quite an achievement! You should be proud of yourself!

  21. Kathryn says:

    Congratulations Hanna, and thank you for the many years of pleasure reading your blog!

  22. Eden says:

    Yea!! 10 years!! I love all those reasons and each could stand alone!! All Good!!
    Sometimes I forget how to do something or where I found something…..and I just look back on my blog!! What a wonderful keepsake you have here? I’m thinking you made some of your blog into a book? Am I mistaken??

  23. Chris says:

    Oh, yes, you certainly HAVE been inspiring! Whenever I think about visiting your blog it makes me happy. Your site has always lifted me up and given me the urge to create, even though sometimes I am not able to stop my day job and go create. You’ve always helped me when I feel stuck, and I can’t thank you enough. So I celebrate the past ten years with you, and I think about how much I look forward to the next ten years!

  24. carrie j says:

    Way to go girl! I was very happy I stumbled upon your blog. Makes me excited and alive when I read your posts. Life is about change, isn’t it? So many things have changed and happened — how many ten years does one have? It is an accomplishment! Who would think that ten years ago I didn’t even know about blogging, mixed media, art journaling etc. But I have learned. I have changed. For good. Congrats Hanna! Keep blogging, and keep happy. From across the ocean…Carrie

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