What I wore today drawing by iHanna

What I wore today, in drawing. First I was doing an exercise to create a 6 minute diary page l Linda Barry, author of the book What It Is (that I own and totally recommend, it’s awesome). She wrote:

Why is it so hard to keep up a diary?

IT ISNT! Not if you limit your diary writing to just SIX minutes. Spend two minutes writing a list of things you remember from the day before, and then another two minutes writing what you remember seeing the day before. For some reason, splitting the four minutes into remembered events and remembered scenes seems to bring images more easily to mind.

Then spend a minute writing down things you heard said and about 90 seconds drawing a picture of something you saw the day before. A simple picture. No pressure on the picture to be anything more than a sketch of something to help you remember.

What I wore today drawn

Then I decided to draw What I wore today, something that I do occasionally in my diary, just for fun. The idea to draw what you wear is inspired by Gemma Correll, who started the fashion flickr group What I wore today (in drawings). Recently she also published a book on the same topic, a book that I am adding to my wish list for sure. In the group, Gemma writes:

Some of us don’t like posting photos of ourselves on Flickr.

But we do like drawing, oh yes we do! So, this is the place to upload your *drawn* “What I wore today” pics.

Check the What I wore drawings blog for drawings that are a tad bit cooler than mine… ;-)

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