Painted Mixed Media Postcards made by iHanna for the DIY Postcard Swap

These painted postcards are cousins of the blue paint postcards, and the previous four are their siblings! I have made four cards out of one sheet of painted paper, twelve in total this time. I always make a few extra when I’m in the flow but also because I enjoy keeping at least one for my collection.

DIY Postcard #9
Swap, swop!

I’ve used pink, green, yellow and turquoise acrylic paint and created something that looks like spring and happiness to me. Then I added some collage elements and finalized the four cards with a word translation from my English-Swedish dictionary! I’m really, really pleased with how they came out.

DIY Postcard #10

DIY Postcard #12
Preserve and Keep

DIY Postcard #11 Sprig

I will be sending out all the addresses in the DIY Postcard Swap tomorrow. If you haven’t gotten yours by Wednesday night, check your spam folder, your paypal email (or your husbands… ;-) and then let me know if you need help. Thanks.

DIY Postcards 2013

Take care and feel free to share your own postcards with us!