Collage: Drop of Colour
Drop of Colour

Thanks for the awesome response to last weeks collages in the recycle edition! I love love love reading your comments on specific collages, going back and seeing them with new eyes and with your opinions in mind.

This week feel very random, but you might be able to pick a favorite anyway. I find it fascinating that artwork that I don’t like at all some of you love, and vice versa. This shows me that even when I’m not 100 % happy my continued efforts can inspire others.

Collage: A Happy Man
A Happy Man

Collage: Hippo Mail
Hippo Mail

Collage: Stands Corrected
Stand Corrected

Collage: Sugar Tail
Sugar Tail

Collage: Family Gathering
Family Gathering

Collage: In the Nest
In the Nest

Wishing you all a Happy Glue it Tuesday!

Yesterday was kind of a glue it invitation too and later this week I’m posting more art journal pages from the loose page turned into a personal Art Journal, so stay tuned

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