Eye Candy: Sparkly Maple Leafs

Autumn 2012
Picking up maple leafs
Mapleleaf Colours

Yellow, orange and red mixed together into fire, wine and happiness… It’s the fall colours. I want to pick up every beautiful maple leaf I see and bring it with me home! The best way to save some of this prettiness that I know is to take photos. So I did.

A pick me up

Maple Colours
Mapleleaf Orange
Maple leaf red

Today it’s raining, so I’m glad I got out this Saturday to take a few photos and bring some leafs with me indoors. A maple leaf craft tomorrow. See you then.

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    • No I didn’t fall silly! I most likely would not have survived to tell the tale.
      It is beautiful there. Come visit and we’ll go hiking!

  1. looks like fall in your part of the world. we are finally getting some usual fall weather, our first rain in months. time to snuggle in with a fire and hot chocolate. great colors this time of year.

    • Thanks for kind comments! Oh and April, can I borrow the cat photo from your blog and write about it here too? I didn’t have light/time to take photos before sending it t you… :-)

  2. I have a collection of leaves that I’ve glazed, but they’ve been in a box all year. Time to take them out!

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