DIY Spray Paint Crazy

I love DIY Spray Paint projects a lot, mostly because it is so much fun to personalize things with color. It’s my favorite repurposing thing to do with thrift finds! Plus it’s the quickest way to totally transform the look of something, which is always fun. These days you can find so many different hues of spray paint too, though I’m of course a fan of neons! On a sale I stocked up on neon pink, red and orange! Yay for neon spray paint!

I went a bit crazy with the neon spray paint.... by iHanna

But you do need to be outdoors to use spray paint, so I usually save up some projects and wait for summer. I then spend a day out on the lawn spray painting stuff until my spray finger hurts. Last time I went a little crazy with the spray paint…

Here are a few of the things I spray painted, all over or part of (since the spray paint did run out before some things were finished):

Spray painted White Beads by iHanna

A lot of wood beads that I got somewhere ages ago. I didn’t like the wood color, and was to lazy to paint them individually, so I spread them out on the bottom of a paper box and spray painted them first white and then in different coats of neon color.

Spray painted White Beads top view by iHanna

If your items are made out of wood, you need a base coat of white before you spray them with a neon colors, or else the wood grain will show through the rather opaque neon paint. The base white covers almost any background color, just look at the ceramic candle stick bird. It used to live at my grandmother’s, but I thought it was really cute even though I did not like the chocolate brown ceramic color. So I changed the color:

Ceramic bird spray painted white by iHanna

Yes, you can spray paint beads. And ceramic pieces that you want to remake into something more modern. And IKEA drawers that somebody else varnished in blue (found at a flea market last summer):

IKEA six drawers before spray painted by iHanna

My main point of interest, was altering my watercolor box, that started out looking like this:

Three row watercolor box by iHanna

It turned out rather lovely, and I’ll share more about that DIY project next: personalizing a Watercolor Box.

For now, look at the spray painted wooden clothes pins, so fun:

Clothes pins in orange by iHanna
I’m planning on using these to hang something “somewhere” someday…

And this is not even everything I spray painted! I started altering the book cover for an art journal and went a bit crazy with making patterns through a dotted stencil. Of course I started all these projects at the same time, creating a rather confusing mess of spray bottles and projects strewn around everywhere around me…

Spray painting everything by iHanna

Summer is around the corner and I’ve got plans already. More spray paint adventures to come soon.

What is your favorite outdoor craft project?

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4 Responses to DIY Spray Paint Crazy

  1. Looks like fun, Hanna! I have a crazy kind of candalabra-thing that is white, and I am trying to repaint it gold for a dinner party I am having in my home Friday night. It would be much smarter for me to spray paint it rather than use a brush as I am doing. But I’ve never used spray paint before! What a fun way to give everything a new look.

  2. Lynette (NZ) says:

    So gorgeous – I love spray paint and pink – a divinely perfect combination :-) Have a happy summer

  3. Arielle says:

    I’ve never used spray paint before, but have wanted to try. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see what projects you make from your painting session!

  4. Marit says:

    Although I’m not the ‘neon-type’, I do love your warm and sunny post and all the happy colors in this blogpost! I used to spray ink outdoors when I had a garden (former house) but now – living in an apartment – I don’t have the possibility to work outdoors. I however planned to take a sketchbook with me when going for a walk and draw outside… I just haven’t done that yet…. you remind me I should! Have a great weekend dear one!

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