Collage: Have a Cup with Me
Collage time again! Have a Cup with Me

Last week I posted the black and white edition. This week, I indulged in pink! It’s really fun to exlore colour through collage like this, working in a series of artwork. And pink is a colour I always come back to.

Collage: Artist Season
Artist Season

The patterned paper in Artist Season is printed from ColourLovers, and the pink flowers you will see in some of these collages is my own photos taken at a very Pink Moment.

Please let me know in the comments if you like these! Thank you!

Collage: Anonymous as a Wallpaper
Anonymous as a Wallpaper

Collage: Tone in tone
Tone in tone

Collage: Pink City
Pink City

Collage: Pink City II
Pink City II

Collage: Smell of Sweetness
The Smell of Sweetness

Tickled pink yet?

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