As regular readers of this blog already knows, I have a thing for pink. It is my all time favorite color, and I think it goes with everything. I have a small notebook where I collect pinks, and if I were to pick one color I couldn’t live without, pink would be it.

Painting a personal color wheel in PIN - art journal page by iHannaK

The color wheel, also known as a color circle, is the basic tool for learning how you can combine colors to create new colors and hues. Your regular color wheel consists of primary and secondary colors, but what would happen if you made a color wheel out of only your favorite color? How would that look? And how many hues of it could you find and/or create?

I think you already know what color I picked – but which color would you chose for your personal color wheel?

The iHanna Color Wheel is PINK

I got the idea to paint a personal color wheel last week from Kiala, the facilitator of the bookmaking and art journaling workshop The Journey Within (where I’m teaching too). I thought it was a splendid idea to try out, one that you could spend a few hours or days exploring…

Painting a personal color wheel

To paint your own wheel of color go ahead and draw a circle in the middle of your page, using a round plate as your guide. Then divide the circle with a ruler a few times across it – and start painting the “cake pieces” in!

Initially I thought I’d also add in orange and red, but I kept finding more pink acrylic tubes in my art cart, so I filled my whole wheel with just pink. Bubble gum pink, neon pink, magenta and vintage old fashined pink…

My personal color wheel - art journal page by iHanna

All around the edge of the wheel I added the brand and color name of the acrylic paint I used (or if it was a mix, what colors I mixed together). I thought that was a good ideas as a memory keeper, maybe even as a way to know what pink hues I should buy again if I can find them in the local art store here in Sweden.

I think this is a really fun exercise to do, and I hope you try it out too in your journal! Kiala suggested drawing the color wheel as a heart, because the theme of the class this month is self-love (her journal page is a beautiful green heart!) – but I opted out of that since my personal color wheel is so darn pink and romantic anyway.

I hope I can come back and paint more color wheels like this one, at least one more with greens. And maybe one with all my favorite pink markers – that would be so yummy! I’d love to see if you make one too, just let me know!

Art Journal Page: the iHanna Color Wheel

By the way, my wee part of the year long class The Journey Within is finally published, and it’s all about self-love. My art journal prompt includes painting, journaling – and glitter! Check it out – sign up/read more here to get access to it and all the other prompts and book binding projects there. New stuff is published every month for the whole year.

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