Pink Star in the Window

Eye candy time! It’s a snowy and cold Sunday here, and I’m looking at the starlight in the window again, the one I light myself. You might have seen it in my instagram feed before or in my Dear Photo Diary recently but I don’t care. It’s a freakin’ pink star, and it shines in my window every night. I love it!

I like the pink paper of the star during the day, but most of all, I like it as the natural light disappears. Then it become a whole haven of pink starts.

Lights on, the evening is here
Bright Pink Star
Stars in the window
Pink Starlight: Starlight Eye Candy in my home, photo copyright Hanna Andersson @ihanna

As day light dissipates the pink light comes to life and reflects up on the ceiling and in the black window behind it. I might never take it down.