A Personal Abecedarium of iHanna – part 2

It doesn’t really matter what you make, it matters what you are thinking. And how one thought changes another. And noticing that. And making a whole out of it. A Oneness again.
Jude Hill


My personal abecedarium (or abecedary) continues [from A to K here] – all about me, iHanna. Typically, abecedaries are an explanation of something in a way that is easy to remember. I thought perhaps this could be a fun way to introduce myself (and my blog) to new visitors and maybe reveal a thing or two to long-time readers. So I wrote an abecedarium about myself.

After K comes…

L is for List Writing
Finished List Journal Writing a list is a tool to become more creative, to organize your thoughts and your life, to plan ahead and categorize the good and the bad. A list can help you find clarity if you have a decision to make, want to set new goals or just document life in some way. Creating a list is almost always helpful in some way. I always write lists in my diary, and I enjoy creating this list/abecedarium. I hope you like it too. And the fact that my own blog archive is a huge list of interesting content makes me happy.
♥ More lists and List Writing

Week in the Life 2012 | Wayne's Coffee and TAST M is for Memory Keeping
I enjoy documenting my life in many different ways. To me “memory keeping” has always been a big part of my life. I enjoy journaling, photography, layout, design and creating self-published books and photo album books. Memory keeping also include blogging and sharing, the reason we’re here right now!
Category: Memory keeping

Notebooks I made N is for Notebooks
Call them blankies, notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, planners, idea collections, or anything you want… To me they are filled with potential, promise, white pages longing for my messy hand writing, doodles, ideas and diary collages. I love me a pretty notebook. It’s the best gift, because it keeps on giving…
♥ I call myself a Notebook Junkie

365 Collages in 2013 O is for Organization
Part of a Creative Life is trying to find a balance between messy creativity and organized bliss. In the need to hoard and the urge to use. In trying to create order but also closing your eyes to all the materials that pile up everywhere so that you can create in spite of it all. I try to organize my things so that I can find the right supply when inspiration strikes – and share a few ideas on how on the way. Yikes, what a task! But let’s do it!
Category: Organizing

DIY Postcards 2013 P is for Projects
I love sketching out and working within a personal project, setting the rules, finding the time, making it happen, launching the idea. I have done yearlong art projects, monthly projects, book projects, filling notebooks with a theme, and the Postcard Swap Project twice a year (coming up next, so start making postcards).
A list of a few of my Creative Projects

My patchwork skirt Q is for Quilting
I think it’s hilarious that so many of us find it a useful hobby to cut new fabrics into tiny pieces and then sew them right back together again. But even though it’s crazy, I’m crazy about sewing fabrics together. My mom is my biggest inspiration, she’s the Quilting Queen. I’ve only made two lap quilts so far, but there is lots more sewing in my future.
Category: Making quilts and other sewing ideas

Recycled Sweater Owl #1 R is for Recycle and Re:use
My interest in searching through thrift stores started when I was a kid, and continued when I was looking for cheap yarn, fabric and other material at flea markets when I was a student, in need of saving money. These days it’s a global trend, and for me, a personal statement. I love to reuse and recycle materials, both in my craft and art practice.
Category: Recycle and reuse

Cake and the Swedish flag S is for Sweden
Since I’ve already mentioned sewing, and my cat Smilla does not live with me any more (darn cat moved to a bigger place), S will stand for Sweden. What I like most about Sweden is the change in Seasons and the Swedish Summer. I promote and brag about this country on my blog from time to time… Sure you can stand it? Sss…
Tags about: Sweden, Stockholm, Swedish, Sverige

Stt in kakan i 35 minuter T is for Time
The question is: Will you give creativity time? Will you take time to play? Will you look through your DIY planner and mark out 15 minutes, or more, for doing something creative every day? Will time pass without you noticing it? One day, time will run out. So let’s make the most out of what we get, right now.right
Make Time for Creativity

Weave your way there II U is for U
U, as in you. What would [I] Hanna be without [U] my readers. Some of you are fans, others are sponsors and friends, most of you are silently following along. Without you I would not be a blogger at all. I would be a sad lonely person trying to create but without anyone to share it with. Therefore I thank U, from my heart. U rock!
So far I’ve been blogging for 10 years thanks to you

Selfie with the iphone V is for Video making
Not only do I love photography and still pictures, I love making “time capsules” of video. Nothing captures better the everyday life of voices, sounds, sights and actions than video. And these days I can shoot video with both my phone and my SLR camera!
Category: Video and moving images

W is for Words
Word! Right? Wow. What a great thing speech and language and writing and the alphabet is, huh? It lets us make words, and with words we can communicate and share ideas. I’m a huge fan of communication, in any form, but I adore writing and the written word. Words are power. Also: willpower, wordpress, whacka-whacka. I collect them all: novels, scribbles, postcards, and quotes. I even have a board about it, so follow along:
Pinterest board: Words and quotes

embroidery scissors X is for scissors
Folded out a pair of scissors looks like an X, so X is for scissors okay? X-actly, you know I’m the boss here. I’ve got embroidery scissors, fabric scissors, tiny travel-bag-scissors and a whole bunch of polka dotted paper scissors (also an x-acto knife!). I love them all, and together with my beloved glue stick they are my essentials. Can’t live without ’em, and they inspire bold cuts.
Inspired collages: The Scissors Edition

Yes, I want the whole story Y is for Yes
Yes to generosity. Yes to friendship. Yes to self-love. Yes to me and my interests. Yes to happiness. Yes to creativity. Yes to meditation. Yes to healthy living. Yes to time to think. Yes to right now, and being in the moment. Yes to blogging all of those things. Yes to you and your interests. And most certainly yes to positivism and inspiration.
Also: Creativity is the Habit that needs your Yes!

Good Idea: Daily meditation practice Z is for Zen
And finally, time to calm down with this list madness. Be a little bit zen, snooze for a while and then Zzzzz… at least here in Sweden it’s pitch dark outside my window (winter time as it is), the tea-lights are lit on the table and I find it’s time to do my daily meditation before bed. I wish you all the best my sweet readers. Zee you Zoon, in the creative zone!

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  1. I love how this post encompasses so many specific aspects of your life and blog. It’s so fun! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I love this idea, makes me think that I should do my own abecedarium. Which, by the way, I’d never heard this word before…thanks for sharing, so much thoughtful insight and inspiration here. :)

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