Oh, it’s delightful to have ambitions… And there never seems to be any end to them – that’s the best of it. Just as soon as you attain to one ambition you see another one glittering higher up still.
It does make life so interesting.
/Anne Shirley

Appron testing
I have made my first apron!

What a happy feeling it gives me. I’m happy looking through my collection of pretty fabrics, happy putting it together, happy sewing on my sewing machine, happy snapping photos of the finished piece.

Cupcake pocket
Well, happy times. It was just a whole lotta fun to put all the pieces together, using some of my cutest fabrics.

At the hem there’s this scalloped border, made from the cutest cupcake fabric ever (also used in another happiness sewing project, the bunting flags)! And then I found this appliqued cupcake piece that I did years ago. It was perfect as a small pocket beside the big pocket made from a vintage, crochted doily!

Appron back and pocket
The tie is a long woven ribbon with blue cross stitched flowers on. The perfect lengh and size for going all the way around and making a bow! It’s some kind of thrifted find that’s been around in my box for a few years. Maybe once a tray holder for the kitchen? Anyway, perfect as the finishing touch to a happy apron.

Dotty posing in my new appron Because I always try to give credit when credit is due, I need to mention where the inspiration came from. If you’ve ready crafty blogs for a few years (like I have) you might have guessed it already… It’s inspired by Tif of the blog Dotty Angel. She often poses in pretty skirts and handmade aprons on top of a chair. That’s why, for the first time in my life, I stepped up on my turquoise stool for no other reason than to take a photograph! Fun!

A few years back when I first saw one of Tif’s aprons I knew it was something I too wanted to try. I had in mind something similar to her style, but I didn’t refresh my memory or look up her photos when I made mine. That is why mine looks nothing like hers. Plus I don’t have those kind of vintage, cute fabrics… I think Dotty Angel aprons have a more lacy and vintage feel, they’re a bit shabby chick and very well made and cute. My apron is more like a crazy patchwork sparkling in many colours (spiderman, cupcakes, lemons and all). It’s very much my style and I really love it.

I made it as a gift for my cousin Charlotta on her birthday. She is a Queen in the kitchen and I wanted to make her something special, because she is special. I wanted it to be a gift, a birthday present for someone who loves to bake and cook! Charlotta is awesome in a kitchen! She loves to create all sorts of yummy cookies, cakes and pies, so an apron would be a gift I knew she potentially could be using a lot. And just a few days after I gave it to her I recieved a MMS telling me she was baking – and using the apron! It was one of the best messages I have recieved. The satisfaction of making something that someone else will be using is truly gratifying.

I thought I would make at least 10 aprons inspired by this one during the summer, but so far this is the one and only. And still, I was happy to give it away to its rightful owner. I’m sure I will make another one, some day when the need comes upon me.

Because now I know that I love sewing aprons!