Crafting in public is difficult. Most grown ups tend to stand on the other end of the room and ignore you, or look curously but not get closer than three feet away. But you feel really happy when you get the smiles, the questions and when somebody is brave enought to compliment your work or even thouch it! Or, if you are lucky, ask for the price.

But with children, it’s totaly another game:

New friend
Prinsessa och kaninThis little girl helped me pick beads, commented on the cats and their strange noses, choose her favourits, let the cats galop on the table, asked about one hundred questions, told me about her own bead projects, jumped around and droped a couple of beads on the floor and said:
– Never mind, I’ll chose another one!

She gave me a drawing with a princess and a rabbit and when I told her that she needed money to get a cat of her own she said:

– But I want one. I think I’ll just take one anyway!

Thank you Maria for taking the wonderfull photos of me and one of my first customers.