Curious Customer

Crafting in public is difficult. Most grown ups tend to stand on the other end of the room and ignore you, or look curiously but not get closer than three feet away. But you feel really happy when you get the smiles, the questions and when somebody is brave enough to compliment your work or even touch it.

Or, if you are lucky, ask for the price.

But with children, it’s totally another game:

New friend
Prinsessa och kaninThis little girl helped me pick beads, commented on the cats and their strange noses, choose her favorites, let the cats gallop on the table, asked about one hundred questions, told me about her own bead projects, jumped around and dropped a couple of beads on the floor and said:

– Never mind, I’ll chose another one!

She gave me a drawing with a princess and a rabbit and when I told her that she needed money to get a cat of her own she said:

– But I want one. I think I’ll just take one anyway!

Thank you Maria for taking the wonderful photos of me and one of my first IRL customers.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed having your first customer entertain you. As a mother, I sometimes find that grown ups have difficulty accomodating enthusiastic children, so you’re very sweet. I’m sure my son would have loved to “help” you and if he had any money, he would spend it on one of your pretty cats.

  2. That’s kids for ya!
    My cousin, who is 6, had a similiar “issue”, i was hadsewing some dolls at my mothers house and she came over to watch. She asked if i’d make her one, i said “yes, as soon as i finish these”. “Whose will these be for, then?” she asked, intrigued – i kid you not, her eyes were intrigued. I explained that these would be for a fair, and that mum’s were gonna buy them for their kids. She looked at me, paused, and went “Will i have to pay for mine? I have no money, i’ll ask Aunt for it!”. Aunt being my mother.
    I just had to share this, i’m affraid it’ll get lost in my mind alongside with other memories.

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