More DIY Painted Postcards

DIY Postcards for the Swap
These painted postcards are cousins of the blue paint postcards, and the previous four are their siblings! I have made four cards out of one sheet of painted paper, twelve in total this time. I always make a few extra when I’m in the flow but also because I enjoy keeping at least one for my collection.

DIY Postcard #9
Swap, swop!

I’ve used pink, green, yellow and turquoise acrylic paint and created something that looks like spring and happiness to me. Then I added some collage elements and finalized the four cards with a word translation from my English-Swedish dictionary! I’m really, really pleased with how they came out.

DIY Postcard #10

DIY Postcard #12
Preserve and Keep

DIY Postcard #11 Sprig

I will be sending out all the addresses in the DIY Swap tomorrow. If you haven’t gotten yours by Wednesday night, check your spam folder, your paypal email (or your husbands… ;-) and then let me know if you need help. Thanks.

DIY Postcards 2013

Take care and feel free to share your own postcards with us!

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15 Responses to More DIY Painted Postcards

  1. Mary says:

    Really loving those pops of bright green! So lovely, Hanna.

  2. Susan says:

    I love your postcards! I was too nervous to sign up for the swap but maybe I will post a few of my postcards in the linky. :)

    • iHanna says:

      Susan, oh too bad that you didn’t sign up!
      Your postcards are great and would have been perfect for this kind of swap. Maybe next time? :-)

  3. Emily NA says:

    I wish I travelled more to have an excuse to send postcards home to modify. With this, I could send postcards to my husband while he’s travelling just to say “hi”

  4. sophie says:

    They are lovely –
    Do we have to send them in an envelope?


    • iHanna says:

      Sophie, so glad you signed up again and like my cards. Thanks! You don’t need to put your cards in an envelope if you don’t want to. I won’t. I’m taking my chances with the post handling. :-)

      Take care!

  5. Carin says:

    Gorgeous cards Hanna! Signature Hanna!

  6. Sarah says:

    These are so lovely, Hanna! As usual, your art is full of yummy color and lots of playfulness. Thank you for sharing and for hosting the swap again!

  7. You should definitely be proud of these – they’re all gorgeous. I love the painted bases – sometimes you can’t tell where the paint stops and the collaging begins. Fabulous springy cards!

  8. Andria says:

    Just beautiful!!

  9. Tameko says:

    Fabulous postcards! I like your style.

  10. Tiffani says:

    They are beautiful! Thanks for hosting the swap. It is fun to get mail that others have created!

  11. Tammy says:

    Hanna, I finished sewing my postcards this week, and I posted them on my blog at 2013 diy postcard swap. I love this type of project where I can do a few at a time and it adds up to a big stack of happiness. Thank you for facilitating this swap, a fun one!

    I adore your postcards, Hanna! And the rounded edges are so elegant. You have a magical sense of color and composition!!!

  12. Ohhhh, rounded corners! Excellent idea–and just beautiful close-ups, too, so we can get a good look at the details. Thanks, iHanna for this wonderful swap.

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