A look into my Photo Book for Week in the Life 2012

A Week in the Life | Photo Book Spine

I absolutely love the concept of Week in the Life (#witl), that special week of intense and intentional photo documenting. I wrote a tutorial on How to make a Week in the Life Photo Book, where I showed some examples from my first book, Week in the Life 2012. I haven’t had time to even look at a layout for my new photos (from September 2013), but I am looking forward to it a lot. In the meantime I thought I’d just show you some more photos of my own square Blurb photography book.

Week in the Life 2012 | Waiting for my Train
Week in the Life 2012 | Taking the subway
A week in the Life | Trains and the Central Station
Commuting – I love fitting photos of a theme onto a spread like this. They need to compliment each other, to work together. To tell the story of commuting, my morning.

Week in the Life 2012 | Lion of Stockholm
One of many lions in Stockholm.

Week in the Life 2012 | Transportation Time
Transportation Time, going back home again.

A Week in the Life | Spring Flowers April 2012
Week in the Life 2012 was in April, so brown ground but some early spring flowers too. Those flowers you always have to photograph because they make you happy surprised every year. Flowers, again!

Week in the Life 2012 | Early Spring with bare trees
Documenting a building site close to my apartment, and remembering the chaos of it all now a year later when it’s all finished and tidy again. Don’t forget to look at the bigger picture too – outdoors, buildings, parks, roads…

A Week in the Life | My birthday and Easter
I like documenting the big picture as well as the small details of what’s on my shelves, in my window (Easter Decorations) and on my dinner plate in front of the TV.

Week in the Life 2012 | Coffee and Self Portraits
Documenting what’s important: my coffee – and me. ;-)

Week in the Life 2012 | Staircase to where I Live
The staircase of my house and my post box.

Week in the Life 2012 |  Outside Mälardalens högskola by iHanna
Walking to a photo assignment, I bring up my camera to document more of the Right Now: a white Magnolia tree that blows me away and the pink cherry trees outside Mälardalen’s University, pink trees that later become the theme of my photo book as I use them both on the front and back cover. Isn’t it pretty?

Week in the Life 2012 | Wayne's Coffee and TAST
Weekend fika at a café, with blog reading on the phone and stitch of the week for the yearlong project TAST, that I did last year (though not finished).

Week in the Life 2012 | Groceries and Walks
Sunday ends the week with grocery shopping and Walkabout with the camera.

That’s just a few of the many pages in this book. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour. I’m just going to end with some of the important pages that creates a feel of a “real printed book”. Like pretty gray end papers:

Week in the Life 2012 | Gray End Papers
Week in the Life 2012 | Intro title page
The title page in the beginning…

Week in the Life 2012 | End of the Week
Week in the Life 2012 | End of the Week
…and the two end photo pages that conclude the book adventure.

And finally the back of the book:
Week in the Life 2012 | Backside of Photo Book

Isn’t it a pretty book? I love everything about it. It’s the same size as my diptych book Because two is better than one (that you can buy through Blurb). Right now I’m working on a similar book like A Year of Photos 2008, but for 2012. The years in between are also “in progress”, ahem…

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about book making, everyday photography or documenting life… It’s a passion of mine.

Will you join Week in the Life next year?

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13 Responses to A look into my Photo Book for Week in the Life 2012

  1. Pia says:

    It looks fabulous, I love how you played with the formats instead of sticking to a fixed layout and image size.

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    Very cool ! It is great to document pieces of your life like this. I think of my blog like this. Photos of where I am, what I see, what I feel, what I create all in one document. I love the idea of holding that in your hands.
    You are amazing, Hanna, and so inspiring.
    Light and love to you !

  3. Chris says:

    What beauties.

    I know this is going to sound odd, but one thing I have thought of before and remembered now, when you mentioned coffee, is wouldn’t it be cool, when I finally do get to travel to scandinavia, I walk along the street with my sketchbook and pens, and I see you sitting at a table outside, and I come by and introduce myself. And then we just sit there for an hour or two or three, sketching quietly and drinking our favorite coffees. Switching books and drawing in each other’s!

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks Chris! I do doubt you’d find me in this big city, but if you let me know before you come to Sweden we’ll set up an Art Journal Date and I’ll let you doodle in mine for sure! I know you’ll create something awesome. :-)

  4. Arielle says:

    The book turned out beautifully, Hanna! Thanks so much for letting us take a peak inside at all your gorgeous photos and fun formatting! What a great keepsake!

  5. Elisabet says:

    It looks fantastic! You take brilliant photos.

  6. Patricia/NYC says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You certainly have an eye for beautiful details, both large & small! Being from NYC, I really love your train photos, complete with graffiti! ;) I’m taking part in Daisy Yellow’s moments challenge & I am much more aware of the beauty around me while doing this! Easy to be grateful when you actually stop to notice! Thanks for sharing your lovely book, Hanna!

  7. Judy H says:

    Now I know I really have to weed through my photos and put them into a book.

  8. What a beautiful book! I love the pink theme running through it and that you’ve captured tiny snippets of your day such as what’s on your shelves and your lunch and coffee. You take wonderful photos.

  9. Ellen says:

    Love your book. Now I want to make one.

  10. mary ann says:

    so wonderful hanna! the title page is something new to me – will have to explore that some more with the editing option. lovely photos artfully arranged.

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