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List Prompt #7: Things i know

I came up with the prompt Things I know and thought it would be easy to write! When it came down to it it wasn’t. Because what do we really know for sure, 100 %? Gaaah! Not much really. Hardly that we exist if being philosophical… We don’t even know if we will be alive […]

How I Spent a Rainy Day

Come on with the rain, I’ve got a smile on my face I walk down the lane, with a happy refrain Just singin’, singin’ in the rain… Gene Kelly What a joy the seasons are! Even when I have to walk in the rain, I can get a creative kick out of it. At least, […]

Art Journal Card

What is a journal card? you might ask. I had no idea either until I signed up for a quick swap with April Cole. But like the Artist Journal Cards (ATC) the Art Journal Cards are original pieces of art created by an artist (you). My first and so far only Journal Card is the […]

Journal of Scraps no 1

Yesterday I wrote about the process of making and pricing a hand bound art journal. Now it’s time to view a few of the many many pages in the big Journal of Scraps #1 that I just listed on Etsy. I hope you like them. When looking at these I just feel like filling every […]

A Jar of Creativity

We know what we are, but know not what we may be… William Shakespeare In a recent comment someone asked about the content of that jar in my window. It’s filled with creativity of course!* Cooking up your own concoction of Creativity is a process that you fine tune over a life time. I know […]

Weekly Inspirations: Free Form Quilting

I online-obsess over one or other crafts at times. You know, when you get all obsessed with one craft and can’t stop thinking about it? Does this every happen to you? At times it’s been all about knitting; then I remember to log onto Ravelry, visit Knitty’s new patterns and bookmark stuff I wish I […]

List Prompt #6: Crayon Colours

Last week we made a colourful list out of washi tape… Now lets bring on another “material” that I use all the time in my Art Journal; water soluble crayons! The bestests crayons ever is called Neocolor II and today, for the first time ever, it comes in list form! Want the story behind the […]

Creativity in Snapshots

That moment when we tilt our heads thats the moment we can climb out of culture and into innovation. We are on the verge of making something new. Grant McCracken (Culturematic, page 12) I enjoy knitting, drawing, embroidery, photography and blogging. And more. It’s no wonder I don’t fit it all into one single […]

Personalized ATC labels

I love to create a personal labels for my mail, moving boxes, notebooks, ring binders and even the backside of the embroidered Artist Trading Cards I make. I don’t have a design training but I love playing with colour, fonts and graphic elements on the computer – creating personalized layouts digitally and then printing it. […]