List Prompt #7: Things i know

I came up with the prompt Things I know and thought it would be easy to write! When it came down to it it wasn’t. Because what do we really know for sure, 100 %? Gaaah! Not much really. Hardly that we exist if being philosophical… We don’t even know if we will be alive next year! With this feeling I really had to fight myself to get down a short list on paper…

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List prompt #7: Things I know

I hope writing this list will be fun, and easier, for you. Because of course there is a lot of things I know, I know! I guess it was because I wanted to write down something profound that it took me so long to write th list. Being profound is really hard, at least when you try to hard. :-)

Anyway, here is my list:

I might know this

I know that

  1. over-thinking things is bad for you
  2. not thinking things through is also bad
  3. talking to a friend (about what you need to think through) helps
  4. sometimes when all that thinking doesn’t help at all you should follow your gut instinct
  5. sometimes the only thing I truly know is that I am ignorant

So, question now is: what do you know? Please join us in our creative list-making adventure!

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  1. Hanna, Yes, I get it. I tend to dwell on the negative also, but it is art that helps me balance that out with positive thoughts, colors, words. A thoughtful list for you this week.

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