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In my previous post about the Fill a tiny journal project I shared my heart page and a whole process video of me creating it. This week I shared a bit about my process of creating this week’s spread in Instagram stories and totally forgot to write my blog post about it… But here it is now, just a bit late but just a shiny and new! Prompt: Connection.

As previously mentioned, I am working in a small, handmade journal that Tammy made for me and sent all the way from Texas. It mostly have watercolor papers, but the spread I am working on this week was this:

Before page in tiny journal made by Tammy of Daisy Yellow - second Friday

Music sheet and light yellow ledger page. I really like both, and wanted to “keep” the print while still creating on top of it, so I brought out my watercolors and painted on top of it.

I have been thinking about “connection” and how I’d illustrate that in a tiny art journal for weeks now, and it’s hard. I guess my brain works better with literal things like “heart” where you can just plonk down a heart and be done with it. For connection, you could do so many different things and the prompt still wouldn’t be obvious to the viewer if you didn’t tell them what it was, right? But then again, of course it doesn’t always have to be obvious what you’re journaling about in a visual way.

A visual page is often littered with hidden meaning.

Birthday watercolors metallic sheen

My first idea was to draw out two persons and connect them with lines or using string, or even embroider them together. I want to do more embroidery on paper this year, but maybe not inside a journal where I need the next couple of pages empty.

I also thought about connection in a bigger sense: how we’re all connected through the internet and what a blessing that is these days. How without the Internet I wouldn’t have half of the friends I have, or get hardly any happy mail, or be able to sell the journals I make, or share all the photos I take, or… and so on.

It’s all a bit like a whirling pot of connections, going round and round. So that’s what I painted. A whirl of connections with some words strewn in, as well as some metallic watercolor paint.

Birthday watercolors metallic sheen

Painted the prompt “connection” as a swirl with watercolors and these metallic paints
that I got for my birthday last year.

I haven’t used these metallic paints much probably because I haven’t painted a lot of watercolors, but I will start now because I really like how they shimmer on the page. And of course I love anything that shimmer, sparkle or shine. So the question if I should add in some bling was idiotic of me. Or course I will add in bling!

Should I add some bling on question for fun

I think these sticker gems are made for adding to your phone case? In any case, I wouldn’t, so I cut them apart and added them to my swirl here and there to “connect the dots” or to, I guess, dot the connections maybe?

If I tilt the page a bit you can see how pretty it looks in the light from my window:

Bringing in the bling because I like it /iHanna

And ta-daa! Here’s the finished page:

Fill a tiny journal with I, Hanna Prompt Connection #fillatinyjournal

Also note that the lyrics is very appropriate for our prompt. But maybe that is just because that’s the way (uh-huh-uh-huh) I myself are connecting things in hindsight? No matter where you start you can find hidden meaning if you really want to I think.

Thanks to Tammy for this journal, and thanks to everyone participating. There are loads of photos on instagram on our two prompts so far and it is has been a blast to click through this week to see how similar or different we’re all interpreting this prompt. Next Friday the prompt is friendship. Stay tuned to see if I can find a photo of Tammy to print for my journal…

Fill a tiny journal with Tammy and Hanna #fillatinyjournal

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