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My current diary will be full in just a few pages. I thought I’d pick a new one for January, but there are still a few white pages left in this one that I want to fill. I mostly write inside these, but I also enjoy creating what I call diary collages. They are not as artistic or messy as the work I do inside my Art Journals and I don’t use wet media in this kind of writer’s notebook (only a glue stick). Diary collages are mostly magazine images that I want to save somewhere.

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I’ve got a little collage prompt for you to try today. Maybe it will inspire your dreams for a creative year!?

Create a Word Collage

You go through a couple of magazines, and cut out words that describe what you want in the new year. You could do the same with images, but it is really fun to do a word collage, so give it a try!

Cut out words that describe feelings, situations or ideas that I want more of this year. Dream up 12 months of inspiration, new adventures and sunny beaches…

Diary Collage: New adventures in 2014

Arrange the words randomly on a spread inside your diary or notebook. Start with big words and add in smaller lettering in between. Maybe you will be surprised by what words you are cutting out?

Diary Collage: Words for 2014
My theme was the new year 2014.

I love combining different fonts and words on a page like this! My diary collage include words like: energy, love, starting, happiness, and time for holidays, embroidery, passion and laughter!

Diary Collage: What I want More of in My Life
Diary Collage: What I want More of in My Life – full spread.

And a few other spreads from the same diary:

Diary Collage: Everyone deserves a break (and fruit)

Diary Collage: December Inspiration

Diary detail: time to say good bye

My diary is almost full, and I love that. I love that the real value of a notebook or journal is something that shows over time, or like Nathalie Uhing writes:

Even the nicest, poshest journals and sketchbooks are only empty vessels, brimming with potential, yet unfinished, incomplete. It is the accumulation of art and writing, of precious snippets and personal stories, the acts of mark-making by the owner, that give the blank book its meaning and reason for being.

And unlike many other gifts that get thrown out after some time because they look battered, have been heavily used, and have been used up a book only become more precious with use and time.

Almost full Diary - at the end of 2013

So, let’s start filling those notebooks. Let me know how it goes!