We know what we are, but know not what we may be…
William Shakespeare

A jar of Creativity

In a recent comment someone asked about the content of that jar in my window. It’s filled with creativity of course!*

Cooking up your own concoction of Creativity is a process that you fine tune over a life time. I know the ingredients to my creativity soup, but even though I know the basic recipe it sometimes end up flat and tasteless. It happens and the main thing is that you can make something different tomorrow to spice it up or change it around. Because we all need to eat tomorrow too, right?

I think of creativity as a necessity. It’s something I need to live a full life. Just like food, air and sleep is a must for my body’s health creativity is a must for my well being and mind. It feeds me happiness.

* The jar is a symbol of creativity to me and I love the little bits of paper in there. They come from when I made spiral bound notebooks.

What are the important ingredients of your creativity?