Free Form Quilting - a blog post by iHanna on Free Form Quilting and such fun stuff #sewing

I online-obsess over one or other crafts at times. You know, when you get all obsessed with one craft and can’t stop thinking about it? Does this every happen to you?

At times it’s been all about knitting; then I remember to log onto Ravelry, visit Knitty’s new patterns and bookmark stuff I wish I had time to make. Other times it’s seasonal themes or materials, and right now it’s been crooked/crazy quilting. I have been surfing around and swooning over contemporary crazy quilts. They make me giddy with excitement. The above piece is one of my trials, and the fabric is still out on the table, waiting…

Free Form Quilting Inspiration

Here are a few great links for you to explore

What’s your latest obsession?

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