Spinach soup in Umeċ

Instead of crafting tonight I’ve been stuck by the computer, bidding on online flea markets and browsing old photos for my first flickr group Umeċ where you can see how beautiful it is where I live. Please join if you have photos that would fit there.

While browsing photos on the computer I uploaded some old and new ones. I love looking at old photos. I need to upload lots and lots more!

This is a postcard I made:

live with a smile
Collage of old magazines. Sent of this week to someone I hope will like it.

Here is a picture from what is on my living room table right now:

Winter cozy
It’s not lemonade, it’s water colour water and my favorite orange candle that gives the most beautiful glow to the room. Soon it will be burned down!

Hey, I made the dinner for once. I really need to get my self together and start being more creative in the kitchen! Here is what I tried this time:

Dinner for once
Spinach soup with an egg in and sandwiches on the side. Mmm!

This is a picture from last summer, from my moms plants:

I love the colour, same as the yarn I bought!

I can’t remember when I took this photo of the withered flower bouquet, but I love it right now:
withered  flower

Which of these photos is your favorite – and why?

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  1. I like the picture of your dinner best! It looks really delicious. How did you make the soup? And Swedish bread is soooo good too.

  2. I like the nasturtiums best (at least I think that’s what they are!) because they are in that stage of wilting when they look like crumpled silk. It makes me want a fabric with that design and those rich colors.

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