Maj - art doll #3

My third art doll is called Maj, because she has a yellow may flower in her purple yarn hair. This flower is a symbol of spring in Sweden, and children sell them all over the country in the spring, visiting apartments and houses. Everyone who buys them show it off by decorate their clothes or scarves or bags with these small pins – and the money goes to good causes of course. They look different every year.

Maj - art doll #3

Being a Doll maker

Maj is wearing a dress out of a doily sent to me by Mimi the doll maker herself. The art doll’s body is painted with lilac acrylic paint on fabric and decorated with lace, beads and vintage magazine clippings.

Art Doll #3 - details
Her face is painted and the eyes and mouth cut out from a fashion magazine. Her pink nose, that makes her look like she has the spring flue, is made out of a felted wool sweater. She has a big orange heart full of creativity, and a lace veil decorated with mini-pearls and bigger pearls on top of her head.

I want to create more art dolls, it is such a cool process. But these dolls could never be mass-produced. They take lots of time making! Now these art dolls are sitting on my desk, looking at me with paper eyes, making me wonder what bead or embellishment I shall add to them next.

I get such a kick out of making art dolls! I can’t even describe it. It’s something magic about it, and when I finished Maj I was floating on clouds, feeling I had made such a great thing!


Art doll #3 on my desk

I guess it’s because I love their individuality and personality so much, and when I look at the finished doll I can’t believe it’s me who has made her. Delivered her to the world. It’s really a cool thing, a satisfaction and a continued inspiration.