Party poppers & Sushi

Christmas and New Years eve has come and gone. I feel relieved, now life can go back to normal again. And a whole new year ahead… anything can happen! Isn’t that exiting? And nobody knows what it might be… laying there around the corner waiting for us to go get it, grab it and haul it in…

Decorated flower

My 2006 started about lunch time and has been good so far. I went shopping with my parents.

A good start

Mini bird houseGot some blue yarn and a mini bird house (10 sek) that is really a wood tin to keep stuff in. Maybe ribbons? I will paint, decoupage or decorate it… soon… this year I hope. I started to crochet with the blue yarn, while one of my favorite movies was on TV: Ivanhoe. A movie they’ve broad-casted each new years day since I was a kid. Love love love it. Sam Neil has to die and my heart bleeds every time.

Then I had to stop crocheting to go make food for the whole family. It felt strange doing this dish without P-♥ (who is in Joshua Tree climbing for a month), but dad helped me out when the mess got messier. In the end everything tasted great. Here is what we had:


The Best dinner of the entire year, the whole family agreed upon that.

Best food this year

The Holidays are over (even though school doesn’t start until next week), and I’m quite happy about that.

Let’s start to create now!

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR HUN! All the best for the year to come and many more creative projects. (Please not the change on my blog address!) HAVE A GOOD ONE!

  2. You made sushi?! That is so cool – I am impressed!
    Yepp, it’s a new year and a brand new page in the book, so to speak. Much happy to you, I’m glad we “met” last year :)

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