Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.

Distractions. Everywhere. Or: the path forward? #mixedmedia painted by iHanna
Distractions. Everywhere. Or: the path forward?

I keep painting, doodling, doing my thing. I’m drawn to these things, as seen on instagram almost daily. But I find it hard to come to the blog, because I have too much I want to say at once. I forget to take it slow, day by day. I want to push everything out, and then I overwhelm myself. So I go all silent for a few days, because – who can take all that? Plus, I need to do computer work too, a lot of it this week.

But today, once more, I’m here to share snippets of my life. To give it a try. I am back, because I love it. I’m here again, this time with my most recent instagram photos, in case you missed them in the ever changing app? Or if you’d like to see them again, here they are, as seen on instagram…

Floating... painted by iHanna #instagram #mixedmedia
Floating… Detail of an experiment in pushing paint around.

Then a day of some painting & tea with friends.

 Floating donuts painted by iHanna

I love creating alone but at times I miss people & conversatioms so this was a good break from the norm of my days…

This summer, I’ve also been out trying to catch pokemon monsters! I loved it for maybe three weeks, now I’m already over it. But I might hang on to these, my brothers toys from years ago:

Gotta catch em all

We are cleaning up the attic at my parents place, digging up since long forgotten treasures like these. And old paintings:

Bunny illustration from 1994 painted by iHanna #beatricepotter
Bunny illustration from 1994, framed for my brother when he was 2. This was when I was rather Beatrice Potter inspired I guess.

Art Journal painting session- photographed by iHanna #artjournaling
Painting and doing a collage in an old Moleskine journal last week. I had used about three spreads in this book, and then forgot about it (it has been standing alone & empty on the shelf for years). I thought I’d fill it up this autumn, with painting and collage play – just for fun! It’s a start of something new, always a good feeling.

Some weekend relaxing- photographed by iHanna #doodles #bookblock
Some weekend relaxing in a new to me sketchbook, that I will share more about another day.

And finally, a photo from last evening in Stockholm, when the evening light made everything golden:

Grnan from the water - photographed by iHanna #stockholm

Stockholm late summer evening. Twas a beautiful evening, you should’ve been there!

And previously, as seen on instagram:

Yeah, so this just exploded, sorry for the typo, uploaded! @ihanna

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Until next time, take care and follow your passion, it will not lead you astray.