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Journal Card for April Marie, painted by iHanna #artjournalcard

What is a journal card? you might ask. I had no idea either until I signed up for a quick swap with April Cole. But like the Artist Journal Cards (ATC) the Art Journal Cards are original pieces of art created by an artist (you).

My first and so far only Journal Card is the cat painting above, made on watercolour paper for this swap. I really enjoyed painting him, and giving him away too.

The basic layout is simple, just a plain, oblong card-stock paper with the dimensions 5×8 inches (12,7×20,3 centimeter). I rounded the corners and added pretty papers and my name on the back. The ATC’s (artist trading cards) basic and very simple rules apply here too: the cards are not to be sold or re-sold once traded. They are for trade, and to collect. And correct size is very important!

The photo above is by April Marie Cole and used here with permission. I forgot to snap a regular photo before sending the cat of in the mail. This photo is taken with my phone camera:

Journal page swap, with iHanna #artjournalcard
April’s Art Journal Card is a collage inspired by Henri Matisse. I choose it because it is so pretty, and I totally looove it. It currently hangs on my inspiration board. Thanks for offering this trade April!

I was also really inspired by the images of April’s Deck of Inspirational Cards (obviously in turn inspired by a project in the book Desire to inspire). I’ve been wanting to alter a deck of cards for many years, so this sparked an old interest. I think it would be fun to alter a whole deck of playing cards and make myself a few cards every now and then. I could use a deck like that to shuffle through at times of need!

I’m not making any more cards or committing to trades right now, but might next year. If interested you could set up a swap on your own blog. Also, I found the info about this swap on April’s awesome blog (read it here).

Be well!

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  1. This is great. I have picked out a deck of cards to alter just for my own purposes, not for a trade. There are trades out there but I didn’t want the deadline or theme parameters. It is a GREAT idea to have a whole deck of altered cards!
    I loved the info on the art journal card. I didn’t know about the dimensions being important! I may have to just send some of these out for no reason!

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