I have been creating a Little Art as a Daily Practice for the past two months, and it has totally rejuvenated me as an artist. If you follow me on instagram you have seen most of these pieces, but I wanted to write about the experience too. This post is about creating tiny art, creating art daily and creating art for yourself.

Blog post: A Little Art as a Daily Practice by iHanna

It was in the beginning of September that I saw a little art challenge on Instagram. An artist that I follow posted it to her feed, inviting other to create “a little art” along with her. I jumped on the same day, without any planning or thinking. I do think planning is a good thing, but sometimes you should jump in without a plan. Just doing something without giving it much thought can stop your Inner Critic from telling you that you really don’t have time for another project right now. It can also help you to start a project even when it is not the first of the month and year, even when you haven’t proclaimed it on your blog, even when you know you’ll be too busy later that month…

A Little Art Piece as a away of looking for inspiration, by @ihanna

But I had strips of watercolor paper, leftovers from bookbinding, laying around without purpose (eI find it is hard to throw away good paper, even when I don’t think I will have any use for those small pieces). Each strip was quickly, and without measuring, cut into two small squares for art experiments (once again I prove to myself that you just should never throw away good paper. Ever!). No planning: I just used what was available, and got started.

I decided to to what I like to call a watercolor doodle each day, something mostly abstract and quick. An it has really been super fun. Some I have fallen in love with, others I don’t like at all. But the most important thing, this little art project has made me think about art a lot, and about what I as an artist in development need, to be able to call myself an artist. I think mostly, I just need to make art. A lot more art.

I need to keep art-making at the forefront of my mind, instead of forgetting about it for months, like I did previously this year. I was charged with energy during my year of 365 Collages and it was amazing, but I also got a little burnt out. Since then I have kind of forgotten about the importance of creating art.

Why I think a daily habit is important if you want to grow

If you want to learn about your artistic style and develop your own voice, having a project like this is perfect! If you are interested in growing as an artist or person, you should cultivate a habit towards that growth, with some kind of growth plan in mind.

A Little Art art from September 2015

It can be way too easy to let the days slide by, without taking the time for what you heart desire. Personally, I feel the pull of work and must-does daily and that makes me long to throw it all out the window sometimes. Because all I want to do all day, is paint and create. But as I am (trying to learn to) prioritize, I hope I can fit more of both work and play into my life. I do need both money making work, and artistic fulfillment. But admittedly, the balance is difficult.

Therefor I find it even more satisfying seeing all of these:

A Little Art for the month of September 2015

A Little Art goes a long way

A Little Art by iHanna - September 2015

A Little Art - September 2015

A Little Art by iHanna - September 2015

A Little Art by iHanna - September 2015

A Little Art by iHanna - September 2015

A Little Art by iHanna - September 2015

They make me happy. How about you, do you like them?

As per usual, it has not been exactly daily for me, but it has given me such a wonderful push these past months, to create, explore – and play. I haven’t even counted how many I have done yet, and I definitely haven’t given these titles. They are art, yes, but more for me, for fun, for exploring. For play.

A Little Art by iHanna - September 2015

I took loads of photos of my creations from September, as you can see, and posted most of them to @ihannas instagram (on the day I made them) since this fun project started there.

But then October came and I continued, without having time to write this post. But today I took the time to share all of this, and here are some of my little artworks from October too (yay!):

More A little Art by iHanna - October 2015

Thanks for letting me share these watercolor doodles with you.

I want to give credit to artist Victoria Johnson (who I follow on Instagram because she is an awesome illustrator who does the cutest paintings, collages and artworks). She is the one who started the project of A little art on a whim, and invited anyone who had a similar style/color scheme to post under the tag #alittleart as well and create daily along with her. I jumped on of course, and I’m so glad I did.

PS: After writing this post I am thinking even more about art, and what to plan for next year. Do you have any ideas for projects, monthly, weekly or daily? Another new year is approaching, what should we make of all those days? Are any of you creating a daily habit of any sort, or doing a 365-project? Let me know!

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