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When Loose Pages come Together

I love working in a handbound or altered book for Art Journaling, it’s awesome for so many reasons. But also, I’ve found working on loose pages gives me something else. I even named it A Favorite Method of Art Journaling a while back. And it can be, even though I like to bind them together […]

Working on Loose Art Journal Pages

When I started art journaling I used spiral bound books found in the book shop. Loved those journals! Then I moved on to altering vintage books, something that I still love. The way I fill a page varies with day form, and on book binding technique, page format and paper structure in the book that […]

Art Journaling the Last and First Day

…as I think about the new year ahead, I want to propose that we set aside chunks of time, big chunks, and give ourselves mental space, forgiving mental space, to wrestle with this fear. Start something new, with a fresh sheet of paper and a different set of materials. Let’s not just make what we’ve […]

Art Journal Card

What is a journal card? you might ask. I had no idea either until I signed up for a quick swap with April Cole. But like the Artist Journal Cards (ATC) the Art Journal Cards are original pieces of art created by an artist (you). My first and so far only Journal Card is the […]

Feminism and Pussy Girl Power

I want a Zero Tolerance policy on All The Patriarchal Bullshit. Caitlin Moran Don’t be a pussy girl! You can do it! The feminist in me has been sleeping for a few years. But when I read more and engage in the world she is waking up and wanting everyone to sign the petition! Maybe […]

Art journal peek: Take your pills

Another page from my loose pages series. This one has a sadness to it, not sure if you can tell? Antidepressive pills along with depressing quotes…. The quotes by Pascal and Donne are in Swedish, and taken from some paper I got at university when I took Philosophy for one semester. I love this page […]

A Favorite Method of Art Journaling

Today a simple page featuring pink leftover scraps, created on loose paper to later be bound into an art journal. Sometimes I think this is my favorite kind of art journaling: picking up little bits of this and that and just gluing it down on a page. It doesn’t involve very much thinking, yet it […]

I’m not strange

The truly great advances of this generation will be made by those who can make outrageous connections, and only a mind which knows how to play can do that. Nagle Jackson Self portrait, of some sort. Another journal page (previous one was on the same theme; love your attitude) made on on loose paper in […]

Washes of colour

After reading the zine Play I’ve been having an itch to create on paper again. I didn’t bring my altered book because it is heavy, but before I went to the airport I picked up a couple of folded watercolour pages that I had planned to bind into a book last year. I decided to […]

A Chunky Book page

I singed up for Joleens project Vintage Valentine, a chunky book where 40 artists contributed with 40 pages each. Joleen got them all and sorted them out, bound them together with a big fat spiral binding. This is how I made my page, the first chunky book page ever, or hmm… the 40 first ones! […]