Live purely. Be quiet.
Do your work with mastery.
Like the moon, come out
from behind the clouds!

I really like this: “do your work with mastery”. If mastery means perfect nobody could do it, but to me mastery means doing what you do with your whole heart and soul. Concentrate and do your best! Its what we all try to do I think. And then, come out from behind your inner clouds and if you do that with your heart and soul open – you’ll automatically shine! Why? Because you will shine through! Love Buddha!

This post is about colour (and arty brands)! Check my photos out – they make me happy!

One of my sets of watercolours:

New colours

This summer I bought a couple of new colours, like pink (opera rose) and a lighter shade of blue (cerulean blue) than the two that is already in the box. Some of the colour cups were almost empty so I mixed and matched until I had a full set. The new additions to my set were great and made me exited. I really like new colours though I hadn’t thought about getting them before. I was thinking that I could only buy new ones if the old ones were finished! But then I realized that the box was lacking a lot of colours that I wanted to try, so I grabbed some new ones!

If you have a box that was “ready made” when you got it I recommend you to check out other colours in the Artist Shop next time you visit! Maybe they have your favorite colour? Maybe five new hues of your favorite colour? I want to try all of them, but just getting one or two colours was a great treat that day.

You should add more colours to your paint box could be a metaphor for life, right?

Grab some colours and enjoy the play

Sometimes it is difficult, but it’s worth a try! Do it, indulge yourself in colours today, right now! Get them out on the table (or on the floor) and play, smear, paint, spray, colour outside the lines!

At the same time I found a brand of crayons that I’ve been reading about in my mixed media magazines that I love so much. I love the inspiration, but I do hate the name dropping of US brands that I can’t afford, can’t try out, can’t even go look at because they don’t exist on this whole darn continent… hehe. But once in a while I’m lucky.

New crayons by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

They are called Caran d’Ache Neocolour and I love them! And they were only 5 SEK each on sale, so I got all the colours they had (not very many unfortunately). These are water soluble too, and you can use them to on a lot of different papers, even magazine paper! I have also got a whole set (10 crayons?) of Caran d’Arche crayons that is not water soluble, they are great too. Quality crayons with great colours. They can’t even be compared with the kid’s set of Crayola crayons I bought at a toy shop last year.

Crayons by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

These kid’s crayons I don’t like or need at all, I’ve just kept them because they look beautiful in the round bucket that they came in, hehe.

This is a spread from my (now finished) Moleskine:

Caran D'Ache crayons by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

I totally miss my Moleskine plain notebook in a way I’ve never missed a journal before! I didn’t think I would fall for it this much when I first started to use it, but I have. I miss it, and my next diary will just have to be a new Moleskine! I just wish I had an income so I wouldn’t need to hold back a small wish like that! I’m slowly filling my new diary too, but I miss the round corners, the yellow blank papers that I first disliked so much! Who could’ve guessed? The Moleskine is my kind of journal!

iHanna ♥ Moleskine = true

New crayons photo by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

This month I also got these acrylic colours on big bottles from someone who didn’t want them anymore. I have a lot of small tubes of paint, but these are good for backgrounds when you just want to exaggerate and waste paint by smearing and playing. And also my little brothers paints that mom was throwing away. Children’s paints! I haven’t used these since I was in school. Do you remember playing with these? They have totally other qualities than my watercolours; these are darker, less transparent and almost creamy when you add a lot of water to the colour cakes and whip it with your brush…

Fun fun fun!

Oh, did you notice I felt like writing today and yesterday? Please comment if you have the time…