Journal of Scraps no 1

Journal of scraps title header

Yesterday I wrote about the process of making and pricing a hand bound art journal. Now it’s time to view a few of the many many pages in the big Journal of Scraps #1 that I just listed on Etsy. I hope you like them.

Journal of Scraps I: wise owl (pink)

When looking at these I just feel like filling every inch of the pages with more paint and then some writing, collage, doodles, memories and love…

Journal of Scraps I: spider power

If I don’t have a buyer it will be a easy choice to keep this one.

Journal of Scraps I: tiger power

There is plenty of room to write on. I love writing on a smooth acrylic painted surface. Mmm…

Journal of Scraps I: ready for paint
Couldn’t help but to add some tape too. And don’t you agree that orange + pink go well together? Love this combo:

Journal of Scraps I: pink & orange

I have other yummy journals ready for myself, don’t worry. I will share a whole lot of pages with you guys this autumn. And to inspire you even further, and tickle your creative wings, here are a few more not-so-blank-pages from this book:

Journal of Scraps I: list of words
Journal of Scraps I: pink & gold
Journal of Scraps I: patterns
Journal of Scraps I: more rose wallpaper + music

Journal of Scraps I: light & bright pink
Journal of Scraps I: illustrations
Journal of Scraps I: blank & full
Journal of Scraps I: her & blue
Journal of Scraps I: maps
Journal of Scraps I: heart in hand
Journal of Scraps I: my big hat lady
Journal of Scraps I: rose wallpaper
Journal of Scraps I: flower peek
Journal of Scraps I: heart writing
Journal of Scraps I: ballet music
Journal of Scraps I: blue & pink
Journal of Scraps I: last page

Not all featured here, but it includes 84 pages to work on! All different weights and qualities including wallpaper, envelopes, map pages, thick illustrated book pages plus calendars and brochures that I thought was to pretty to toss. Oh and of course you want to see the delicious pink, green and yellow cover, front and back:

Journal of Scraps I: front & back of the cover

Some of the pages include sewing, and the cover has machine embroidery, appliqué, lace, rick-rack, and both tea dyed and painted fabrics.

14 Responses

  1. WoW, i am amazed, i can already feel the ideas brewing, i would love to know where you get you inspiration and creativity. Me feeling suddenly jealous. :(

  2. Awesome journals, Hanna ! Such a fun place to play. I love the idea of journaling and adding to pages created by someone else. Especially with someone like you, with such a great eye !

  3. Lovely. I am very tempted, but my big stack of ready to use journals tells “no no no!”. I also like the idea of working in a journal somebody else made, it’s like a collaboration almost.

  4. Okay, if this is still available after the first of the month (low funds at the moment) I will scoop this beauty up! If it’s gone will you be making more?

  5. nu måste jag fråga, vad skriver du med för penna på akrylfärgsbakgrunder? det ser så fantastiskt ut med sådana sidor i dina dagböcker, men jag förstör alla mina pennor, de liksom “fastnar” … :(

    • Hej Kristin, det är viktigt att färgen är helt torr och helst ganska slät, vilket den blir om man “målar” med ett gammalt plastkort istället för med pensel. Jag köper alla möjliga pennor och ääälskar pennor, och tycker de flesta vattenfasta brukar fungera bra för mig på målade sidor. Helst svarta, de syns ju bäst förstås. För länge sedan skrev jag ett inlägg om pennor som kanske hjälper? Det finns även fler inlägg om olika sorters braiga pennor på bloggen. Hoppas det hjälper något?!

      • Tack, ska kolla in inlägget med pennorna! Och måla med ett plastkort måste jag testa, jättetack för svaret!

  6. for the pages with multiple images/scraps did you sew everything or glue some things? If you did use glue – is there a specific kind you find best for this craft?

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