Custom Sketchbooks from Art Journal Pages

I have three beautiful custom sketchbooks in my possession. I picked painted art journal pages of my own as cover art, and I am in love with these blank books.

Today I’m sharing a video review of them, including a pen test so that you can see for yourself how the paper takes watercolors and sharpie pens.

Custom Sketchbooks from Bookblock for Studio iHanna

I love that you can have your own custom sketchbooks or notebook printed and shipped to your home these days. I got three different notebooks from a UK Company that makes all kind of custom sketchbooks, calendars and notebooks. I collect and use all kinds of notebooks, but if they’ve already got some iHanna sass before I start filling them? Even better!

Three custom sketchbooks by Bookblock for Studio iHanna, Sweden

I am super happy with how vibrant the cover art is, and how sturdy and beautiful these notebooks are! I really love all three of the ones I got. Yum!

I picked pink elastic closure and pink ribbon as bookmarks, as all the covers work with the magenta pink color they offered. Studio iHanna custom notebook

I can no longer contain my notebook enthusiasm for these Studio iHanna Custom Sketchbooks. Here we go.

Video Review of Bookblock Custom Sketchbooks

Review of Custom Sketchbooks (click if you can’t see the video above) on Studio iHanna on YouTube. Please give the video a thumbs up there. Thank you.

I got two sketchbook type blank books, with thick sketchbook paper and one that has a thinner paper for journaling. All three has white end-papers, and inside the book you can see who printed it, the?sister company Monsieur Notebooks, but they can be found at the UK company Bookblock Originals, linked below. They also have elastic closures, and a silky ribbon bookmark but no back-pockets like a Moleskine notebook.

When I got mine, you could also chose if you wanted blank paper, grid paper or dotted paper as inside pages. That’s what I call customization!

Three custom made Studio iHanna Sketchbooks

Custom Sketchbooks with cover from my Art Journal Pages

I would’ve never have splurged on them on my own, but the company BookBlock contacted me and asked me to do a review, and of course I agreed. When I opened up the package they sent me, I was thrilled over these notebooks and I regret not showing them here sooner…

Custom Sketchbooks with cover from my Art Journal Pages

I did a little dance when I opened these up, but because I wanted to do a review showing my face, I have hesitated a lot about posting that to YouTube… I feel so self-conscious about this video review, but it’s just the first step. I have made up my mind to film, upload and share more this year, so I just need to talk sternly to myself.

Custom Sketchbooks with cover from iHanna's Art Journal Pages

How to order a Custom Sketchbook

Visit the site?Bookblock Original?and there you can make your own notebooks in three simple steps.

  1. Prepare your artwork, and they have some great guides showing you what will be front, spine and back of the cover.
  2. Upload your artwork. You can use paintings from your Art Journal, like I did, or pick a photo, design a diary cover especially for your next writing project, or simply write out a quote on a color you like. There are so many ideas you could try out!
  3. Then you simply complete your order by picking out the inside pages,

Unfortunately I noticed that you can no longer order just one of each cover. When I ordered mine I could do that, but now you need to order 25 notebooks at a minimum, so maybe it’s not for privates anymore. Sorry. Although I imagine it would be a great gift for participants if you’re hosting a workshop, conference or other bigger event… Or for selling in your Etsy Shop of course. I wish I dared to do that, but I would be afraid I would be stuck with a big pile of notebooks.

If you want custom sketchbooks or notebooks, they also have stock notebooks that you can customize with your name, url, or logo for example. Love that feature too, and it’s great for getting special gifts for notebook fans you know. I bought my boyfriend a Moleskine sketchbook with his name on for Christmas, for example.

Here’s my pen test on the thicker paper in one of my custom sketchbooks:

Pen test in Bookblock Sketchbook by iHanna #notebook #customcover

Since this was my first video review of a notebook, I think this was my first pen test I have ever done. But it was fun to try.

And here’s another page I made in my journal, a while after this review was filmed:

Looking for freedom. So: Just start something, it doesn't have to be epic!

Let me know if you want to see a flip-through of the mostly black-and-white drawings I’ve made in my first Bookblock custom sketchbook below, or any other notebook related videos. Also, make sure you’re subscribed to me on YouTube, so you don’t miss a thing!

Wishing you a great day!

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7 Responses

  1. Loved your notebook review! The covers turned out so vibrant and beautiful! And I’m always so happy to see your smiling face in your videos! Makes it feel like you’re right there with me at my craft table!
    I hope you had fun making the video! It was definitely fun to watch!

    • Oh right, you’ve taken some of my workshops so you’ve seen my face before. Yay!

      I’m glad you watched it, because yes, I had fun making it although not as fun watching it back again… ;-)

  2. I almost feel I finally met you in person, Hanna! So nice to have the voice and face together. You’re so pretty when you smile! I think those notebook covers are so much nicer than most of the ones I see in stores. The pen test is the most important part though; I like how you prettied up the page while testing the different kinds of pens & paints. I look forward to your next onscreen video. I’m sure you will soon be more comfortable in front of the camera.

    • Glad you have liked it me Marcia. So… When can I see a video of YOU then, because I wanna met you too! Hihi. xo

  3. You should think about selling some journals with iHanna sass! (I LOVE that phrase, heehee! Perfect!) I would totally buy one! Maybe you could collect pre-orders to see if you could get 25!

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