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Meet my Smart Journal vol 1

Yay! Today is all about my the prettiness of one of my Art Journals! And I’m calling it a Smart Journal. The name is my own invention but mostly just a wordplay. And you know me, I’m a sucker for playing with words. It’s a Small Square Art Journal = Smart! A finished notebook that […]

Journal of Scraps no 1

Yesterday I wrote about the process of making and pricing a hand bound art journal. Now it’s time to view a few of the many many pages in the big Journal of Scraps #1 that I just listed on Etsy. I hope you like them. When looking at these I just feel like filling every […]

Bookbinding at Home

Before I learned how to properly bind a book I wasn’t brave enough to even try bookbinding at home. But as I learned more about bookbinding I also found confidence in making books. I found that it is not very difficult or scary, though mine still come out a bit bent, crooked and “special”, hehe. […]