That moment when we tilt our heads – that’s the moment we can climb out of culture and into innovation. We are on the verge of making something new.
Grant McCracken (Culturematic, page 12)

Knitting hands at night

I enjoy knitting, drawing, embroidery, photography and blogging. And more. It’s no wonder I don’t fit it all into one single week sometimes. It’s silly to try really, but sometimes I do. Here are a few snapshots of creativity going on around here:

Thrifed jewlery

TAST once again

Pens and paper on my desk
Papers and pens on my desk…

Vignette in window
…and a beautiful light coming in from the window. Oh how I love my window view, and the little vignettes I randomly place there.

Horse and stuff in a window

Wishing you a creative weekend!