That moment when we tilt our heads thats the moment we can climb out of culture and into innovation. We are on the verge of making something new.
Grant McCracken (Culturematic, page 12)

Knitting hands at night

I enjoy knitting, drawing, embroidery, photography and blogging. And more. It’s no wonder I don’t fit it all into one single week sometimes. It’s silly to try really, but sometimes I do. Here are a few snapshots of creativity going on around here:

Thrifed jewlery

TAST once again

Pens and paper on my desk
Papers and pens on my desk…

Vignette in window
…and a beautiful light coming in from the window. Oh how I love my window view, and the little vignettes I randomly place there.

Horse and stuff in a window

Wishing you a creative weekend!